a bad picture they say?

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is worth more than a thousand words.

this, i captured during the K.U. culture week (sports tourney) somewhere around october and the rest of the stock be on the site linked on the picture!

check out my promised ‘paparazzin’ of campus events in this site, that i was almost bashed in the head for in some watering hole.

all the best.



j-‘squart’ sports day manenos

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i was about to rush over to class when i bumped into savvy’s post and i couldn’t keep this lingering any longer in the ‘drafts’ bin.
yaaaaani, this w/end there was the KRFUEA* 7 aside fixtures at Ngong’ but for more reasons than 1, my dice landed on JKUAT sports day at Juja. and yes i wasn’t as disappointed – especially towards the end…save for the moments when nothing was really happening and you wondered around the flat compound like a zombie. or is it nzembi (no pun!) he he.
by the way, this Uni, being the ultimate technology meltdown(our Massa-chew-set), wouldn’t we have seen a lil’ bit of sophistication in the organisation? i mean, at least, have participating teams….like on printed paper?
well, i aint a sportsguy, as savvy guessed (i retired from proffessional weight lifting some years back;)… rather, am giving sports reporting a try.
and its really ‘trying’ especially coz i was/am biased- i love b ball to bits.
now, on arrival, i was welcomed by a click of mogekeyo chicks, animatedly chatting away in the dialect….welcome to gashororo, i laughed at me.
Claysbar were the official sponsors and they had duly decorated the place with their banners and the hosts, refas and sundry wore ’em branded caps (campuserians and free t-shirts!).

the games kicked on a slow pace, yeah, the boring pleriminaries and USIU, Catho, KEMU, Daystar, MKU, KU, Egerton, Maseno,Strath, hosts Jkuat and some collez were there to be counted. There was T.T., Bball, Folli’ bo’, Lawn Tennis and i i saw some guys in Tae- Kwo Ndo gear.
Bball, as sure, attracted the biggest crowd but Folli’ Bo’ which i dont like as much took the mantle from it in the end. It was full of drama as ball was bobbed, smashed right into opponent faces…as dust rose amidst cheers. I dint karibia but i think i saw some Maseno guy jump 10 feet above the crowd.

As for basketball, the ‘real heat’ on the court was generated in the quarterfinals.

It was in this crowd that i bumped into a TTY (tired third year) from jkuat and we struck some rapport. He was so eager to share that soon, he was all over with talk about the rigours and tribulations of the architectural course he was pursuing (just read nzembi’s post) It made me feel like i was in holiday camp.

“ati passion? i had it when i started off but it faded soon as the real course began. all i have left are balls and courage to complete the course!”

i was agony uncle now, carefully examining my troubled nephew…and are there chicks in this course?

“mjamaa, dame akifika second year arch, wewe na yeye ni wanaume wawili!” /when a chick is in second year in architecture, you and her are two men you both feel nothing!/

tis from here that Andru (his name) ranted on the totally disastrous ratio at ‘Juja boys’ (as he called it)…and i thought it cool to pull out my ‘PIMP biz card’ (told him we got a lot of ass where i come from, enough for us and the needy!) and man, i said it as joke but dude chomoad his phone ready for a hook up!

the cheers from the court distracted our convo…JKUAT ‘alumni’ were shining ( they had two teams, the other were ‘straycats‘ who were banished to the alley, ha!). oh, and did i tell u how you’d expect a bball court to be all about babes and ball stunts? ahem! the court was in between two hostels (or halls of (male) residents) and like street bball, guys hanged over from everywhere (fire escapes..). Strath guys, like high school kids, were all over this supposedly new ride (a comely tour bus – those shuttles like Davanu tours that u usually find on the Nai- Arusha route.

the game was between USIU and the alumni. they tried, but the crowd notwithstanding, were whipped proper and the much better USIU-ians sailed to the finals. by the way, if Arse-n-all play beautiful football, methink USIU plays beautiful bball. but there was this JKUAT bballer, tall, lanky, light with shaggy hair who played real well and smart.

he was deservedly applauded.

the finals were between KEMU and USIU. by this time i was making rounds in the hostels that are so closely packed it reminded me of a book i read on those NAZI concentration camps in Austwitch!

Later, i headed to Gashororo, turned and dined several muturas (african sausage): they were delicious and BIG, on my!

i also assisted some friend who needed help with his ‘kanywaji’.

evening came on a bit too fast and i was getting cosy somewhere when Savvy hollered…it was dark and all was hazy to me and i couldn’t make out the directions of that ‘jkuat city clock’…so she breezed by on the bodaboda ride?

*the photo above was taken during the Strathmore tourney some weeks back….Campusrover..’cumming soon’ 😉 keep your eyes peeled!

vampire retreat in the boat of horrors…

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ha ha ha, i always love this: grim stories, funny horror pictures and travelling for fun!

well, my week was hitting this bad end, cancelled dates and an apparently mal-nourished pocket when the good news came. it seems, ‘several’ years later, fruits of my pained labors as a freshman are paying. a fully paid retreat to crayfish?

psssssssssst- i think its that ka-place DnG turned from a Disciple and God to Drinks n Gals…

don’t ask what am tagging along, pics and stories will be duly served to you afterwards, blogrens.

i hope it will be fun.it will be, it must be!

fun, fellowship and food.

but i know the conceptions that have been there about Naivasha in the media, from the place being a haven for rapist and weirdos. in fact, only last week, Crazy Monday carried a feature on the hallowing tales.

i don’t know what makes Naivasha such a boat of horrors- somebody, do flowers turn good men into rapists?plenty of them?SMH.

i think ni pepo tu mbaya…ishindwe!


MEANwhile, the main reason i did this post is that MY first ever post on boyfulani was on a retreat to the same place, then a perfect get away place at Fisherman’s camp. It was a November, i remember, you can check this URL and probably see me and my earlier ‘crushes ha ha!

on a much sober thought, 138 posts later(when am i hitting the 200th mark?) i think its time i got some serious chunk out of boyfulani. he never is, aki, as you may have noted. that bit and others….if i survive the vamps in naiv… i have a little bundle of joy for your eyes.


makombora,makelele, mathoughts,ma-insights,…drums roll..tidididididi,

here comes the media maverick amatuer

ha! okey


enjoy your weekend(s), thanks for dropping at mine!

of my secret crush on palin and the facebook menace

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ahem, not bad for a forte someting mama...

ahem, not bad for a forte someting mama...

with John Mc bush when she was chosen as his running mate.

with John Mc bush when she was chosen as his running mate.

ha! i saw this coming. the moment Sarah Palin rose from an obsecure Alaskan Governor to a possible running mate of John Mc Bush, i sensed skeletons being hauled outta the closet. not surprising wordpress hottest posts of the day are awash with such and am left spectating.
whats up with drying out dirty laundry in the public?
sometimes, its ienvitable.
reminds me of what Pulse (a weekly entertainment magazine) ‘CEO’ Mr Charles…who i forget..once said. during a morning breakfast show with Queen of Kenyan radio drama, Cess Mutungi, he was asked if they really cared about the image of the many celebs or otherwise who they buzzted-or is it pulsated- and published on their rag. don’t they invade people’s privacy?
he replied that once you come out of your house into the public, you outrightly become a member of the public, right? consequently, you are (a private and) public property at the same time.you can only claim to have been violated if the paparazzi mount secret cameras in your house..blah blah, you get the point.
i thought this was all cool until sometime in ’06 this chick from our college was buzzted in carni on pulse with her tities hanging out like sun-scorched sukumawiki-haha literally. you can understand the stigma that dogged her the whole semester and even to date, she is reffered to as ‘the pulse chick’. good for her that she doesnt seem to give not the slightest damn.
now, back to Palin and her little skeletons that are crowding her. apparently, you may be in the know about her 17-year old pregant daughter who is not married. the media(the blogosphere include) is stressing on these latter two facts.
what bothers me is not whether she got preganant through osmosis, but rather on of the ways the news leaked out. constantly highlighted is the myspace page of one Levi,the impregantor and the fiancee to be.the page has since been deleted but not before its content was spilled to the public.yeah, the photos and all- which have refused to upload here by the way- and his views on marriage. he says he never wants to get married and is not the commitment type.
what i wanted to blog about are the dangers of these social networks. mindlessly, we add up stuff of our personal lives without caring who reads it. remember its public…some of us even have naked pictures on facebook. for sometime, it may not matter but you never know when the cat will jump out of the bag and you are the laughing stock…face down as you book a place in some list of shame.
be ashamed of ‘all your somethings’ keep them underwraps…at least in some anonymous blog somewhere, right?

oh as for my crush on Palin, i have ‘seen her from far and i think she is kinda lovely.
now use this against me. 😉
oh and i did a google search as to who has more ‘hits’ on google. between Sarah Palin And Obama’s Joe Bidden.hmm, its already bidden!Palin has 3,920,000 results compared to Joe Bidden’s 107,000. do the maths.

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