women rights now a stale topic

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the recent call by women leaders to have 50 seats set is ridiculous. i think women are taking the war for equity too far. when kibaki awarded MYW (mapigano ya wanawake) with a cool..and the creation of women funds is too much. and enough. its time women got down to work and stop relying on some freebies from the government.are they disabled?aint there women who have made it.just take a look around, even if their success was/is questionable, the fact goes that they have the ability to make to whatever ambition they may have.
so in short, let me not waste words about this talk…its totally stale to me..women, get up, go to work after all, no one will really dig for you as you rest your asses and laze, w8ing for manna…


vitu nane flani

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listening to..

before i was politely interrupted by the tagging bizniz is back n it makes want to go back to my peaceful break. so what do u do first? copy n paste…an art mastered by some university students, soon to invade the job market for top jobs after googled up researches and are the ones to take charge of this nascent economy?i dread so!…so, here we go:
The Rules are:-
1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Donโ€™t forget to leave them a comment telling them theyโ€™re tagged, and to read your blog.

am a random dude.i never plan for anything, things just pop up in my life. even all my pals are random, we’ve brought together by circumstances. see, do i say the thingie th@ is currently making my heart go ting ‘a ling’a is also random….yaani, kila kitu in my life, ni fulani tu! n this makes me really serendipitous

a young mover trying to shake reverse-ageism
am younggggggggggg….young than any of your self installed carbon-daters can detect. the youngest thingy you have in kbw. i have to lie about my age, so as not to turn heads- but my face betrays: such a baby face yikes!! but am used to it, being the youngest jamaa everywhere i go (depends…) except, maybe, my sister’s kindergarten. actually, where am currently jobboing (skiving classes) am the last born…n this come with an unpleasant buggage- azin if anyone wants little errends run…they all go ” we, boyfulani ebu kimbilia mahandazi…” i curse like hell, even though i smile at them benevolently. juzi i went to collect my peanuts from the payment office when this lil skunk in the name of a title-i dont-even-wonna know, cudn’t believe that the cheque was mine, even after i chucked my ID (well, that i have ๐Ÿ™‚ )…i felt like dying..
so the old list of my young stunts goes on…the youngest editorial member of the campo paper…

imac’s 4 life
i cant wait to say this, i love mac’s. no matter what. i dont want to think what will happen to me when i leave this place, but while it lasts..lemmie marvel at its super-abilities (do i need to tell you this comp just hanged coz i over fed it with data..stupid pc’s!! now, a pix is worth a 1000 words…

idiosyncrasy**…i bite my fingers very much. i rarely have nails and anytime they gives hint of growth, i cut,er, bite ’em off. am however encourage by a research that was carried out- about nail bitters…how responsible citizens they are, responsible parents, deep thinkers, strategists, great idealists…n well, doesn’t that describe me ๐Ÿ™‚

character…easily pissed off..also easy to vybe me up, light up my ‘moods’ (nt mood swings.).

i still miss my fro…jeez i still dont get it why my hair aint growing now…akili ni nywele za modo ni twisted, n is his brain, huh?

7 geeky….weirdly so. i take note of the coincidentals in my life…how my second gava name has seven letters, my past two exes first names both have seven letters. i was dumped on march seventh. i met my ex-ex before we broke up.(was actually playing the two..) our shot gun relationship lasted for a week that is seven days…and why we had to meet in two thao n seven, on march seventh…how we made out with my seven lettered ex on jan 21st…then a week laters, repeats ๐Ÿ™‚ and wasnt th@ on jan 27? also doubled up as her 18th b.day..haiya, kumbe ni under 18!!..wait, wasnt she crossing over from being seventeen? n just two or three posts on this one, i celebrated my b.day..just a day before seven seven two thousand and seven.. wait, her high school post office box was 115 Murang’a( i dare you to look for it. al shoot u seven times>>kidding…1+1+5..seven…n doesn’t Murang’a have/ has seven letters?hhhumm… i even lost trail..

numbers…i still don’t believe in numbers…

ass-what!? yes, assvertsing!

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yeah right!trends never fail to amuse me. and since i suggested this to my now ex-bitter half and got an ice cold treatment plus stringent and economic measures on the other side of the door ๐Ÿ˜ฆ … i have since given such geeky-cum-promise-cure-ass pursuits a break..however,some of the trends..Che-sus!..but being ule Boyfulani mmoja, i cant leave them out!so this one not only had me cracked up, but also had me thinking.(dont ask what). ok, as a n advertiser, a publicist, and a to-watch-out designer (and the credentials stream on, do i say?) any genius is welcome. there are no scruples here. we have only one thing in mind: to sell. after all its nothing personal, its just business, they say. again, in advertising there are no ifs or ands..but butts?a lot of them are there i tell you. and that wots the night agency based in NY is doing right now- pushing those mega bill boards out of the market and is bound to revolutionize the art of (non-ethical) advertising.
incase u r still lost we are still on the same script where this agency is using the thuthas of a women to place adverts and as you could guess, their primary audience is young men. with branded panties and micro minis, the saleladies will soon light up a street near you.
as for now..kula na macho tu!

castle lager relaunched wo hooooooo!

July 24, 2007 at 5:41 am | Posted in whatsmakingnews | 6 Comments

yeah right! before i rumble on with any post, let me take this honor and dishonor of celebrating the re-launch of castle lager- what’s better news on a Monday morning? hehehheh..not that i do drink but well, cough cough..the lure of the brown bottolo is so alluring that i wonna cry..hihihi.so under the influence, i blog on! (above, the pretty Caroline Ndung’u during the relaunc..photo courtesy bizD

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