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just where do those legs end

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its hard at times to put a Dyke to the ideas and raunchy thoughts that flood in our minds at times.i am no exception and most are the times when i lay my guards bare.

it’s a gray afternoon. the day has been full of biting cold.the mood is no good and am sitted in this off-campus hotel throwing hungry and furtive glances at the direction of the kitchen. inside, am complaining and griping about how this waiter has made it his business to serve other customers and overlook my apparent hungry pleads. this got to my nerves n i am about to raise my voice…

“….we waiter, bana hiyo food mnavalisha tie?”

my hand is still stretched in a dismissive way when suddenly and in slow motion, in steps a chiq whose presence had my motion frozen like  salt pillar, much like Lot’s wife.

she is chocolate dark, has black braids falling over her shoulder and her slender curvaceous body compliments them… the body hugging hipster  has makes sure that the coke bottle designers look like amateurs in their quest to bring out feminity. i was about to close my mouth and ‘de-freeze’ my transfixed hand (somehow, i managed to bring it back and make it look like i was stretching to scratch my head..) …when almost immediately somebody else followed. her pal, i guessed.

i thot Chocolate lady was the real deal..but i had just seen a baby elephant in the looks dept!

my whole lunch ‘span’ in a mini fantasy full non-verbal game of pure-hidden lust-at-first sight…as she floated in, almost like a butterfly.


the table laden with noisy dudes besides me was all of a sudden filled with silent murmurs…

jigagagaggagaga..the aint enough ‘jigas’ to describe it.

she won, hands down. n most heads up 😉

i guess my jaw dropped and am sure it had nothing to do with hunger. firstly,  my rumbling stomach took a break, probably to gawk too.or was it to give appraisal at what mine eyes had seen? then seemed so secondary and distant at that instant (c’mon notE hw poetical we get..) that i even forgot what i had initially come to do…tarattatatatattatata tang tang..the two little thinking worms playing bano in my brain, took a break.time to work..

..when all of a sudden and like a bolt out of the blue, something snapped.things began to fall into place in fast pace that i couldn’t really comprehend.

talk about a dude smitten.

my karoho sank to the region just below my guts as her long brown legs made strides  to march that of her chocolate pal.two haaat pals.
there was a shudder in the loins

did i ever talk about a  god-s?she was a brown one.

“eh, kijana nyama yako iko rede upewe na nini?” a voice with a strong kao accent snapped me back to the (hotel) life
mph!these are the guys who deserve a cool kick right where it hurt most! my look told it all as i turned and i was about to kunja sura  when it came to me that i was ordering him about a..wait..the reverie must have lasted a lifetime, huh?

dude, i need not explain how i had the best lunch in a long time as they sat right opposite me..

brownie’s white skirt ended just above her knee line.her chocolate(lets call her Xoco) pal stole glances at me(or vice versa if u like)  the nyamchom, kachumbari n sembe i was nibbling at never tasted better. perfect combo to blow your mind away, minus beer :(..hehe.actually, i ‘swallowed’ brownie with every finger lick.she was sweet i tell you.those legs, damn! i couldn’t help wonder when they damn ended!

i made a pact and launched a commission of inquiry to find out where the cutie resided.hey, who knows, i may need hotlicks soon! the end, i had shibad like a non-sense and this could explain why i was dozing off in my economics class..dreaming of brownie, and her legs,yeah where they meet….:)

house warming!

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welcome to my new maskan.!

who be da hussla?

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 check them out and tell me who.

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