literal ecstasy

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i think am falling in love with poetry now…
gosh, they (poems) just penetrate my membrane, caress my dire need to have literature satiate my immortal catty curiosity, n propel an ecstasy that only betrayal can generate…pleasure..pleasure, lit gives me pleasure all the time… literature is all about pleasure…its about having sex without getting is quite much the opposite, i live literature, i love it…but still…poetry is an aphrodisiac to my injects a mighty thrust to my imagination..imagination being the highest kite any human being can fly– leave alone those nerds in NASA telling us of the new planet..i hear they dismissed pluto as a planet..arrrghhdoes it matter if Pluto is a planet or not?
like mwalimu king’ang’i, i can only quip ” jyes! wachana nazo tuta ziona h-on the way to heaven!

meanwhile, have sex with this..use protection and don’t get yua balloon blown..

From the depths of hell the angels scream with pain, with pleasure as the devil makes them cream. Their cunts tingling and wet but their cheeks are damp with tears of sorrow and deception. What have they done? What will they choose? Selfish pleasure or an eternity of selfless satisfaction? for they have tasted the forbidden fruit….or should i say, the Devils meat?!


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Unsure that my words

Will mean a thing
To those that elect to read
The choices I have
Slaved to create
On the blank page
Now scribbled on
And messy

Take all my words
Rip them into little shreds
Of life and form
And happenings that could be
And throw them like confetti
All around me
So that I should know
How unacceptable
And staid
And unreadable
My attempts actually are

My chest is gripped
With cold uncertainty
Tightening my lungs
And wheezing my breath
As I think how
I thought things could be


setting it off

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am one adventurous fella and i had to result to changing my template after some botched up web crawlers meesed up my original one.
with it comes new stuff and am simply setting it off. see, i have been thinking of late. quitre mildly- not the kind of thinking that you hear spoilt rich kids talk about- sijui, sit back, reflect and re-evaluate their lives…no- simple assesment. am a simple guy ans it as a virtue i'd like to embrace however hard and slippery it may be…simplicity is beauty..he he.
i think i have a story to tell. my life is a fate ihave accepted and daily, a learning to live with it. my family- this great octopus we cant entangle our selves from, ever..friends, God's apology for our relatives, thanks God we can choose them…enemies those which i cant live without,the pedestal wich my pinnacle of succes is based on…God, give me more of them!
meanwhile, am rumbling and ama chuck my life details..
personal memoires they call it. no need to have rats shit on them when you can devour on my skewed world view..if i cant say it on my blog, where else?

outsourcing breast milk: interested?

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the best investment a society can make is breastfeeding its young ones, or so said Churchill.
me thinks he was right…even though i forgot how it was, i think it was great…ha!..n thus the frequency of the phrase ‘ forget her the way i forgot my mothers milk’
see, me i believe gin was mother’s milk to me, but thats a story for another day (and dont assume am an alcoholic anonymous naaaaa..)
ok, i read this article on and i thought wet-nursing could earn some of our women chums to keep going as well as restore those lost nuts and tighten the loose ones… wet-nursing for those in the Dark, is the breastfeeding of another woman’s child, by another- for charity or cash. some women interviewed have eked out a living from the trade and even though its not widely practised, its an ‘art’ many young women are turning to.

they say mum’s milk intensifies the bond between the mother and the child and the more one is breast fed, the more ones IQ grows…
still, methinks most of us skipped this vital stage in life. more so, we just never had enough if the repercursions of insufficient breast feeding is anything to go by. the number of screwheads we have on the streets who dont have an ounce of brain leave alone humanity could have is so alarming and scary…if only we could reverse their lunancy…or is there a way we could buy them bottled breast milk ( i wonder how many women are milked!) n feed them perhaps we could have more sanity in our society…or hire hordes of women to force breast feed them..any volunteers?

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