i met someone…wheeeeeeeeez!

June 15, 2007 at 8:47 am | Posted in meetingbloggers | 33 Comments

before you judge me, try hard to love me, scratch your head(any), search within your heart…then ask yourself- does he look like he gives a fuck?
a corruption of MJ’s ’95 song-Childhood

anyway, just kidding…ha!
could have been last week, go consult my diary…am sure my memory is right.ya! n we just met. casually.just casually….
she looked gr8 from far, yeah, good from far…and indeed very cool when she is nexta me, lovely! she is a great brown goddess, with a slim body Britney would strangle for…a model without trying…she sed she cant help it…i shook my drowsy head…i agreed…nice long hair, a shiny set of silver jewelery, which doesn’t manage to take the spark of the beau…a jolly face and an infectuios smile.
hmmm, for the next four hours!(imagine!!) i had company to help me chase the nasty boredom from the mundane job…we actually met during work hours, boss wasn’t amused, but hey, i could lose the job for you sweetie hahahaha..
there was no time for impressions….impressions….impressions, F.I.L.L.-first impressions last long, but i last longest…i think i goofed, very much, but if i care, really care, thats a story for another day…n we talked and talked…and laughed…mostly about blogging. she was great company…i realised this when her darty eyes did cross mine laughing ones…n i i was mostly looking out for them leggies…n before i knew it, the event was over…i hope next time i’ll not be under the influence…maybe i’ll be more real. ha, n i’ll see your true colors….wouldn’t mind seeing you with only one thing in hand, my dear bottle, guess i’d fly away, never to come back…oooh

i now know why some good people are in love!!


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