A thing called ‘Tired Third Year Syndrome’

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Walala, hii ni Sem inengi nimelandiiii, jo…si huyu boy ni mfyam?

Yaani, there is this ka-feeling that is mostly common in those cars that have seen better (and bitter) days. Though tis not as omnipresent in me as Sir G is, i feel it creeping in like ze rock band Radio Head. Enyewe, nikichekicheki left right ivi, pia blogosphere nimeishi pia. Toka zile siku za akina Spideyfun (my blog-comi hero, lol) days akina DK (De Kwin) walikuwa wanawika hii mtaa mbaiya, hizo ma-time Mwanamishale alikuwa tu anawinda tu mos mos (ma-hits kibao nacheki kwa maskan yake..) akina Aco…KBW beefs, Augesus *did i get that right….and Modo, twololo!

Si kitambo vile, lakini miaka kadhaa ka kadhalika za Nonini zimawahi, ama?

sh*tting where u eat

Sa huu niko Lib juu ya ka-Mac Air (ka Chuo, ushisho a living soul, ata Saul, hehe) ivi na-feel tu aire aire (lol, what happened to that slang’?). Hapa tu nyuma ni m-she fulani (African Brunette) nimewahi kuwahi mwezi umepita…na kila kitu inaendelea kulingana na mpango. I was thinking about that phrase shitting where you eat (picture Samuel L. Jackon and Ashley Judd in Twisted) and i am thinking, what happened to that thing called conscience? Clearly, it is con-science!

Ok, almost.

See, i have been lying (and lying) low for the past two years and saa hii nika ndo yule simba amemenyeshewa amerausha manyoya. Tis not that i have really achieved/done that much, but it is funny how campus life has a way of breaking you out of the shell…and out the reel you rolls like a stoned rolling stone gathering not much, but mass recognition…till you, wait for it: crash and burn.  Yeah, shit happens, funny when it hits some elses’ fan, dang hilarious when you be the one courting it…

And here are some cliche: When we joined campo ivi, word on every fresh chick-ens mouth was ‘siwezi date boy wa campo mimi…nini nini…lakini two weeks later, unasikia venye alichezewa ma through pass off-campus.

But really, that doesn’t surprise me anymore not that, not anything beyond that thinking line…It doesn’t suprise me that i did all these stuff last week and still woke up this morning for two exam papers….yaani, ni kama kawaida kutupa ndwano kwa group mate, Fetch (chick) wa Christian Union..mara una-import…but then again, you realise, there is more to life than just doing girls in. See, i do not necessarily speak from a personal point of view, but, you know, you get dragged in once in a while in this giant atom sucker.

Now is when you start gathering your C.V. start chasing Club Chairmanship…call BoywaCampo for ma-certs (ficate) za mraa or ask him to edit that C.V.

“Jo, boyZ kesho na-kam na K.K. ivi tubonge juu ya ile C.V. ya mine…ama?”

And here, i reap fruits of my first two years on Campus. When i was so fucking focused on climbing those editorial ranks and raking up enough dough from subtle hussling…just enough or more than enough so i never have to start from zero.

Gallant freshmen…and the mates who dropped by the wayside

On the peak of it, when nothing really bothers you much…this is when a futuristic thought hits you that Campus aint really forever. Like today, i was signing for my exam and i realized that my name was actually the first one..followed by gallant freshas, wa! Yeah, this is when you start recalling with nostalgia the days when akina Kazi Bure, Mje, Jemo, V Road were all around…before a suspension here, an expulsion there or simply a disappearing act came along. Your route is now pretty predictable and you are not as jumpy…and in short…

We unakulia tu life kwa mfuko ka njoti (njugu/groundnuts).

Mos mos.

Hadi ‘day’ yako ifike, udondoke pia!


mini-post: my ka-life

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“they tell me to think outside the box/but my mind is the devil’s playground”- Jadakiss

yesterday i captured some few images that rotate my life and i thought it cool to share.yeah, i admit, crazy things do have their fine abode in my upstair compartment but what to do if i notice on too late ;)?

my life is one little mess and one little tumbling on the other end of the world. i mean, its a neat one. a neat mess.just

i got some pals that i really like to hang around(reverse that pris, they like my company..er)…pliz, focus on her face hehe.oh, want a number?

my wall littered with beaus’s wallpapers  who cant help but oggle and watch over the sleeping hunk of a guy..lol.so much for being in BT..

well, friends, when i say i wake up early and i go to chase aways my consistent stupidity…i really mean it. this part of the kedo 1.2 km that i cover every morning be4 reaching the mat stage..cover another 2 km..then board the campo bus….another kedo 9km, then am expected to b in kirathi b4 8:30.what a life.

its been long since i met pretty bloggers….any one out there feeling pretty enough to be met by me? 😉

tilt your comp to see this one.hope its not too dark..but it captures the virtues, i as a young man strongly chant, hold dear to my heart and not only champion for..but live the talk..what a mouthful.in other words i mean..nimechill(there’s a very serious sticker over my bedpost hapo..

my oldschool desktop.the exact location i leave my heart, lest cupid strikes…notice the piece of the iceberg..newspapers, i really devour them.

erm wots more?al check on other layter..cheerz


the blogging phenomenah izzz gone 1

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before i rumble on with me musings, allow me to smasg bloger a bit. one of the reasons why i stick my ass at blogger its coz the blogs are quite easily customized. n i liked it when i had the nav bar gone…only to open my page recently n to find the ugly grey nav bar glaring against the blue background of my blog…so ugreee…so wot do i do, just hack n with this lil code..the nav bar iz gone…now i think i can blog comfortably.

#navbar-iframe {

here i am, one year since i discovered blogging. on a solitary journey through the interactive world of a thousand clicks…that almost spoilt the browse. i came across this one word- blog. and my life has never been the same again. it spun in a whirlwind of great enthusiasm of a priceless discovery as no one really introduced me to it. i found it. i was young then, younger than i am now of course and the idea of sharing how i feel, think and reason with my pals was boiling deep down on my collar. i was then contemplating on writing emails and forwading them to multiple recipients…but what would you choose…a raunchy funny forward or babbling from a young fella who is coming into terms with self discovery?
i just sulked and sank into a world of chatting…this college will forever remain the platform where i’ll retrace my addiction to the internet (of which the cure is going deep in my Neanderthal roots where i was appeared last, about three years ago)
now i hug my ka- mouse more passionately than when my ex gave me my last kiss…. yesterday was the height of this addiction n i left the office at around 12 midnight from eight in the morning…..Jesus, i need an exorcist! and you dont really think i was working over time. ask my worn out bony fingers…simply chatting!
now i want to take a break. an indefinite one…am not really sure about this, i may say one month, n kesho u find me online. but let me live the spur of the moment and talk about this form of art i was once totally indifferent to…
fact i would like to deny, is that it was inspired to blog by th@ lil arachnid as, aeg calls him …he still remains my geek-in-spidey suit guy who even made me print out his articles (yaani i couldnt believe i will find them again when i came back from lunch). i dont want to meet him in real life no… i dont why, but i dont want to…i’ve noticed by the few bloggers av met, and the others that others have met (huh?) that perceptions do really really change. text and blogreal person as all this mental. just ask unyc, 90 percent ni food ya ubongo. i mean, let him remain where i
entry is soooooo so different from the put him..away from the couch tato i hate…as he farts away popcorns n soda watching sijui grey anatomy (i wonder why a kenyan would be so interested is sthng called the grey anatomy…4give my ignorance but, wudn’t ugree an-yang; nyong’o’s anatomy be of more interest?)…
i dont even know his blog URL n i did a search on ngugo, n guess wot i got?

Did you mean: couch tomato …yes baba gugu tihihihi

Couch Potato

So what are are the makings of Couch Tato (EDIT : tomatoes, tomatoes toma-toes..toma-a-toezzz..pop-ed..corns.hahaha)..how did I discover that I was one? For starters my friend..it is a journey… you don’t just wake up and call …(sure?)
nichgich.blogspot.com/ – 106k – Cached (COUCHED?) – Similar pagesNote this(no i wont NOTE!!)

Sex toys… « Me, Life & Everything

Couch Tato offers his services……NOW U SEE WHY I FEAR HIM…

aki i hate couch.coz even in a year, i cant rival his wild obsession with movies…in other words, he does intimidate me, movie-cally…lol. not that i cant handle it in any other way, but i think its cool to hate thim, ama?
lakini spidey dude, i like yua verbal acrobats…wish i was there in your hoiyee days..mebe i’d av added my little obscure voice.
my free sms sites pal and the forte bloggers…
partly, my blogging venture was driven by the urge outdo spidey that i went headlong n in the process, my sparks ingnited some fire ….yaani i was like a bellowing bull spoiling for a fight the ground ready to attack. but along the way, now…the
fervor is gone goooooowwwwne with the wind.cant go on.not nowwwwwwwwwww
so, dude started blog with me, last year nov. and as he joined kbw…i just went on manga mangaring . just checked his blogski n the lil’ brat got 11, 000+ hits (while i got a one eleventh of this..who is u kbw i want to ask…no one knows him….dude is international (like the sof spoken kirima i heard yua voice on you tube hahah) …am not technorati, but thanks to some freesms post.. the nigga got comments from all over the world…that even wordpress has put up automatic google ads-ense.. n not everyone is amused though..odm original has a bone to pick..

128. ODM original – June 30, 2007

Never bring those f- sms again. We dont want to be sumbuliwad with broke kenyans. You know i logged here by mistake.mbuzi nyinyi.

as i tell him to give a vote of thanks to google for its refferal method of retrieving data…
i think some of the encounters here at kbw have made me different…a different blogger, however
small i am, i must say.
klara gal…if there was a long service and faithful award gal, u take it unchallenged…i like to call her miss tings, dont ask why, ama aje missus? zile tings, bado tunaziendea, ama? for real, even before that kbw code itikiad my anti-HTML code whimpers, she’d still comment…that single comment that made
boyflani go home with the assurance, that hey, ” i am a blogger!” why, somebody would have asked ” i got a comment today!” klara, mob love gal…i’ll miss ya…
……then there is this wazimu, whose only claim in his mbaki (blue star ama kiraiku)strewn c.v. is one thing: he was a hostel prefect in Mathare Mentals school of crazy arts. his name is modo…hehe…n u know wot he remonds me?
kimodo gikiuma
well, it was when i was a really small boy with a world view confined in the slopes n risings of mt kenya. and the coffee season was the reason why i smiled bigtyme.. a smile wider than the legendary cappuccino beach…coz me n my grandpa were to make that lone journey to the local hotelier, know as Zakayo and have some really sweet mandas. wot i remember most was the picture that hung on the wall of the hotel…actually a piece of art, definately not drawn by michelangelo or inspired by Picaso. uuhhm, the first thing you noticed was an obscenely drawn naked woman rushing out of small hut holding her panties and on the other edge, an agitated small man wielding a panga, running after a hairy-chested dreadlocked jamaa…who was also naked! although i tried, i dint manage to add the sums there, but i vividly recall the text hapo juu : KIMODO GIKIUMA!
so on meeting this wazimu again on KBW, i have one precaution- hold my ‘mamaz’ closer to me, guarding them with the life…wot if the defos of his ancestors catch up n he decides to snoop???
this is already a screed now n b4 i retire, let me cut them in2 swallowable pieces
egm da man widda camera
chatterly n her in-fame-ass leggies
dkwin my lost love..
unyc…the 10 percent that aint mental
kirima n his sermons on the mount
hnh n the little voice
betty n the french frogs
kelitu n her porn..lol
marazz n his WAPI fotoz
aug and his 24 hr serie
olymwandishi, the clean neat dude on wordpress n his closer than we can guess mate :waxspell..
kenyaanlyst who makes me feel am someone
the undergraduate
3 NNN n his hens,,kwanza this cud have been the first blog i checked on kbw
bomseh and his interesting dots..
inexecess..jo, u cant toshea hapo juu, u r always in execess am is it in exes?
archer..notice how i kept u mbali from hiyo mileggie ya chatterly…hiyo miguu still jazzes me n hearing of yua exploits in unyc’s cquel..aii naogopa
acolyte, the dude made of animated still, er, steel…
na mko weeengi wachani ni lale worldview yangu kwanza ichange….I’LL BE BACK!

*and those who chelewad missed on my photo*bt there is me hapo juu ni ki meditate

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