end year memoires

December 6, 2006 at 7:32 am | Posted in daytimez | Leave a comment

the year has finally drawn its curtains and we’ve all trotted home, like jubilant young american soldiers who are lucky to have survived their stay in vietnam.

it has been the most hectic sem and not that in my days i have seen thaaaat many sems…otherwise, i have learnt A lot met many peeps, liked some, loathed some, some were dumbstruck by my wit, others were interested, others not…and well, loved none.after all you love only once…but still my heart has proved to be too elusive for cupid..his arrows are so blunt, damn! am glad however, and even though i suffer from this terminal illness otherwisely known as life, love, the natural painkiller that should be avoided at all costs isn’t all a dude like me needs to keep on keeping on…at least there are friends.fly ends.fried ends.fly ends…and most striking of all – fly heads that have been the pedestal that supported me in sailing through this ludcruously busy sem. they’ve had interesting way of making me afford me a belchful of laughter that has kept the sticky fingers of maladies at bay…

big ups to all,in short…

one liners

  • big ups to the whole invo kru for making the sem a whole lot of fun and work…surely,
  • larry aka lorry…for dumping invo coz its not colored for a colored mago
  • shame on the funday org, comm. 4 having me w8ting for that bus 4 a ass numbing 2 hours n then made me to stand all the way to the venue, in a cabbage -mode of transport.
  • RIP in peace those ‘dayo haters’ who chickened out after blogging crap ’bout this desert…c’mon, this aint for the faint hearted..get balls men!
  • bless ’em all! bless ’em all! both the long and the short and the tall !!!!
and here are some photos worth checking out in memory of the year that was…
top on the list is the controversial fun day at splash
shame on those oficials who allegedly made tee’s 4 themselves leaving poor fun loving camposerians to opt for outdated 2005 krazie olympics tee;s instead of those that fit the event…

and phonepaparazzi was there too you can see what is circulating thru’ blue tooth …and you can understand what causes the sniggers when dudes are surrounding one phone…


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