tales on my tail

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after various participation s on my end, i’m feeling a pit in my stomach. a knot of anxiety, nostalgia – something girly that i ought to forget as i surge forward tonight and ignite my balls for a fresh dose of testerone.
Chelsea- we’ll see, Barca- Back off!
Hmm…when did the football fan-atics began beating me?
Seriously, a full fool post, to boast and toast about it all, this s-tale, it deserves!
well, well, where were we?
Man – i think I’m getting old and i have this feeling akin to a lady beating the biological/psychological (si they give birth at 65 too, ama?) clock!

Why wasn’t i born a frog?
ok, listen, l;isteeeen-
The theory passes. The Biologists passes. The Frog remains!
So, with forks or fingers, we shall pore the frolic frothy frogs…hmm..derailment.

Here, i’m back.

I am frightfully in the second last semester of my second year…(after missing out an aggregate of one year- ‘working’, bumming šŸ˜¦ … and seems i have achieved almost everything i set out to do. See, when i put out that post of ‘Boy is Boss’ , i had just been appointed the Managing Ed of our campo paper—i should be proud, jumpy, happy at this achievement but climbing this ladder laden with my so so many ambition..
ended up perched at the top of the sheet chain feeling like a flat tire – i’ve outgrown it or i’ve set my ambitions elsewhere!
my comrades are chucking soon and i have a whole year before to seduce haughty reporters to stick to the code, aiiight??

but we have such a team, i tell you. while the last one was laid back, drooling over Uni’s rules like flys on you know what, my new entourage is so full of Xters (unkempt poets, globe trotters, pseudo-intellect-cho illusionists (addicts to self empowerment books – i fink Suck Cess is a matter of breeding rather than reading…hmm, really, i take that bach, but still…
Godspeed boyfulani.
Be sure to feast on the fists of my first 100 days, sawaz?


quiting whining, and thinking about wining…
>>> i wish i was dining someone (yaani feasting, heh heh, sio dates za java ama njiva za kenchic)….tis cold and am abstaining- no need to stain, break three hearts in a single semester. Man, some people watakuwa kuni hell!


all i wonna do now, is fly away to a place where you gon see me no more… (insert Just a Band tune).

Parting shot:

Scratch to reveal…this tranquil face- buried behind burning fires of ambitions…ambitions, i must get THERE.


Pssst. on 17th May, i’mma do something this summer!


Am out.
In one Piece, Peace!


Dating a girl-boy

April 27, 2009 at 3:04 pm | Posted in life | 8 Comments

She rings my phone off the pocket.
She emails, my side vibrates.
She kisses me, my guts shudder.
She moans, windows steamified by her breathe shutter.
Her emerging number is not 999- its triple six.
Iā€™m dating a girl boy ā€“ OMG, am I gay?

end of sem siestas I

April 23, 2009 at 12:58 pm | Posted in life | 1 Comment

it’s not fair to break three hearts in a single semester. my guilty unconsciousness is getting aroused and i am thinking, it would be fair to Karma and the female fraternity to take a ‘break’ and brake my break neck hooking up speed- cool it off at the terraces and watch the game.

well…it’s just that the semester is finally screeching to a close and the end-of-time mood is all over. Classes, elections (the winners were no big surprise) are over and the ice berg in the horizon is self-named monster: exams – we got to sail a bit more carefully here, folks.
by now, compiling c.a.t’s, the assignments you never submitted, class attendance (hell, here we get 5 p.c for that!) you have an inkling of your final grade! and as a result, you know whether to kaza mwendo or breeze through the beach-easy mood with a velvety vest and flowery hawaii shorts – in most cases, its never the latter.

meanwhile, if you had a ‘project’ all through the semester, she should at least be tightly locked up in your ‘box’ or at least show signs of loosening up some strands and straps towards horizontal strides…but if otherwise, man, ya gotta step the game up or prepare for cold cold exam periods- that will be bleeding on all of us.

there are silent whispers that the best time to get laid are these fidgety edges of the sem when the weather is chilly, exams are looming and there is a general laxity, anxiety all over. ask me šŸ™‚ – i’ve seen it, lol.
Hey, thanks for reading my all along. Net here, been scarce like tap water in third world countries.
I’ve been reading ya all, but have not been able to comment.

Check you laters.

campo campaigns r hia with us!

April 15, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Posted in life | 4 Comments

Student politics! Where does one begin?
It seems they died a natural death and when they ressurect (the return of the living dead), we see burnt buildings which makes me doubt our education system- does it liberate us or tie us still to our native ‘tabula rasa’ tendencies? Whats more, it follows that one or two students have to succumb to bullet wounds fired by Kiganjo graduates in case of any student unrest- and…kwani they were resting???

But not to worry, there still lies hope that one time, sanity will reign, if indeed, this is insanity.
And why do i speaketh of such when am belching from proceeds of on-going campaigns about campus?

ahem! forget that…lets just focus on the kids on campus, suddenly turned ambitious because they have dated this popular chick, or that one…or has heard that a few ladies like him – and probably has been the subject of yente in chick’s hostels…
Jeez! – the springboard that some campaigns are being launched on! I wish the admin gave us guys of media an inch of a chance to unwrap them polite and proper, without fear, fever or favour -oh how am relishing the coming days to try new tipsy tricks on campus media!!

Well well…after yester easter celebrations, the campus was awash with posters- politicians or wonnabes, pleading for votes, some looking already hopeless on their pictures – and today, they were to lay bare their ‘manifestos’.
Wait, let me tell you sthng, there is something not very exciting about private uni’s politics – Few guys tend to be interested in student politics and the whole rest have given up to the fate of ‘kukaliwa’ and it pales like the shadow of a shadow of what it should be. But on the same, there has been great and keen interest on the on going campaigns… previously, all you could hear was the admin this, these leaders are puppets – the fingers were always pointing…but si they have the power to vote, you may say.
Well, what with the ‘screening’ of the candidates by a non-conforming dean? Last year, there was such wierd whispers on this screening that some guys were disqualified on grounds of ‘having girlfriends!!!!’
i followed it up quickly with a letter to the editor titled ‘ No girlfriends please, we’re XX-ians.’

Oh, don’t you like me? LoL

Oohh..the drama here, i should start a blog in this campus life; its a microcosm on its own.
So..as hizi hullaballoos ‘catch fire’, some posts are clear on who will win as there are the perenial losers, out right give aways and the kawa swing votes.

as usgaizofmedia (jjournalist.wordpress.com) we’ll simply parade the new team snap them fotos and after one year, present the before and after snapshots— one aim is clear; they’ve gone there to E.A.T!
ask me.
May the candi who shares his candie with this caddie please win!

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