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cool…cool as a nun’s tit….i like the ingenuity with which kenyans just coin the names of their companies n business n even more interestin is the irrelevance of the names…anyway, me n m’ whole kru were out of town 4 a retreat that had m’mind retreating from its usual retracted form to full blast observance now that we had danger combi of Invo scribes n astutes masketeers,h, i mean marketers… so if you really got a mind, you can decipher why we have the name NAINVOMARK.. the lame creativity of one Grace. otherwise, its all better said than done n highlights speak better than words >at the campsites:

  • how some peeps,to b precise some chix got their groove back can only be explained by months and months of cramming some script in order to clearly object to claims such as why brains and beauty seldomly come in the same package….n they proove the adage nonetheless….with their arguments
  • mmmmmmh the male body as an object of fascination( n sex symbol) n this is quite acceptable in a uni where a cruel imbalance has been struck by the course stratification–that eliminates men….so we had our George Clooney(recently named the sexiest male living by people magazine) and had ladies all over him like flies on a piece of shiiiit!..enyewe, the leaner ones were consoled by the fact that seldomly do you have both: brains n muscles…n now that ‘we’ born when KMC had collapsed-thus we found only skins n bones….n no flesh!
  • yaaa… all this hype about some dude named Felo n Grace..huh! since when was there an intermixxing of species?
  • one msomi matata had to puliza the marS-keteer’s fire in order to secure a rib n msee were the invo guys so bothered by the closeness of fleshy pieces of meat..yet so faaar! next time, carry your own goat n if its too expensive buy chicken!..marketers only know how to market..n not share

n paps mojo was in the fish-a-woman camp too


niajez niajezz..the whole invo kru’ doing their entourage song niajezzz.

My momma told me that ” Gracie,if sex rears its ugly head,close your eyes and look away before you see it…”

the good thing is that a good compliment can last Mr. Wild goose a whole two months and well the bad thing?:>i have never been complimented enough!

there are two kinds of fools. said foolsmaster jay- those who write on dirty cars, and those who read it!

the owner of this legs is called upon to collect a free gift hamper from veet..veet, for smoother,non-hairy legs




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  1. I’ll tell you what, this is a great blog. I cant believe I missed all this.
    Then, what’s with the fair Grace lady? I mean when a shortie starts getting so much airtime, there’s more to it than meets (or misses) the eye. Enogh said.
    Am done here

  2. I now know what geeks do when they get bored? they resort to dotting! whats with the nakumatt, tuskermatt crap? Y can’t you do something more productive like go start your own ‘geekmatt’?

  3. I now know what geeks do when they get bored? they resort to dotting! whats with the nakumatt, tuskermatt crap? Y can’t you do something more productive like go start your own ‘geekmatt’?

  4. Felo man thath is quite a piece on the Invo retreat. But as mads pust it I smell a rat on the Grace thingy.
    Y give a chiquitta some much air-time when there is bila…I amy be knowing more than i am saying.
    Any way big up man

  5. […] the main reason i did this post is that MY first ever post on boyfulani was on a retreat to the same place, then a perfect get away place at Fisherman’s camp. It was […]

  6. Those legs?!Ngai Baba!Nuff saaid

  7. Hmmmh…..that u in a mavin receiving a certificate of attendance? so you went to fisherman’s camp…

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