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several weeks ago, a former editor of our campus paper paid us a visit and talked for long about media convergence. it was during that period when pirates were punting from puntland somalia, in search of Navyships to hijack and all journalist were headed to  coast-oe ‘for exclusive’ new bites.

his lament was that investigative journalism was in clutches and he was quite unimpressed by how gunship and armoury stuff was being transported to South Sudan for a whole six months before the international media broke the news to us, Kenyan journalists included.

well, that wasn’t my concern as such…with this Nation journalist who has had several headline  stories in Daily Nation this week.

my concern was the seemingly sleeping showbiz department in Nation. where were the once roving and exciting showbiz reporters that added that extra sting to buzz every Sunday? Did buzz get buried with the new Nation look sometimes in ’07 ? (Before that, i believe its design was quite superb and with many interesting columns – galtalk with cleo, about n about by Adhys Odera, Philip Mwaniki’s heat, School Stalker, Boy Talk…real entertaining content.Honestly, CEO of pulse in a funny but realistic jab at the magazine wasn’t quite wrong when he suggested that soon, some wanna-be mags will soon be flyers! Buzz has been slimming since and its almost an insignificant pull out in Sunday Nation…considering that it was/is the leading showbiz mag (in NMG’s publications, forget D. Metro)  that would challenge Pulse Magazine, now, arguably the leading rag in gossip showbiz.

well, the news that they will soon launch a new magazine this friday comes as a fresh breathe to me. i hope they won’t disappoint. I am not sure whether Clay M. who i think will burn himself in his own rage one day,  is taking a bow and whose cynisim can’t really auger well in an otherwisely happy-go-lucky showbiz (and considering his numerous jabs at the so-called Nairobi entertainment writers).

we’ll wait and see, and i shall be the first to review it!



hisia ka ii…

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na-look on my left hapa juu lakini hii watch ile-chew kitambo.

time ime-freeze.

ka tu venye na-feel life inanichapia yaani.


ma-doba za dube ndo zinani-console kwa background na ustake jua ni saa ngapi.

somebodytoldmeaboutit…when i was a little boy…..(prisoner -lucky). ha, walakin mi si msee m-bad, though na feel niko kwa jela fulani.

6:05am, mashin inadai.

asubuhi imefika, lakini ni nini mpya?!!!

nilikalia hii kiti kedo 9-something na since then ilikuwa tuu coffee, toffee, ma-cookies na ma-risto strange strange za ma-editas za kupitisha time…mi, jo, nilikuwa juu ya design- kuselect ma mboto, ku-edit, ku fix ma-newstory zingine ziko allergic to creativity.(hii ni issue yetu ya last this sem na lazima itokee b4 exams!crazy, but progress ni timam…

ndo maana mi nitaweka dreadie siku moja, ata ka buda atadai nimeingia mungich(na hataki kuniona kwakwe tena)…ndo nipate kitu ya saa zile githaa wazimu zimepanda ni-shaki-ngi tu ka bob juu ya ‘natural mystique…ama ni natural mistake?

lakini nikikumbuka juu ya watu ka akina Nzembi na career zao, na feel dwarfedki-plani( media pia ni mezesha kivyake). lakini,  offi-shially, congrats Madam jo, we ni chuma moto* na pia crucial screws za upstairs ziko si-et :).

perfect combo, hehe

manze, tu-show proposal zinasendiwa wen pia mimi nikuchoree masonets wazimu zitareduce ule boyfulani yuitwa shake-the-mkuki to a mere son of a spear, er, grains and ngozi vendor…

shout outs pia kwa Campus Girl, Savvy…nili-sas majina zenu nikiwa kwa baze fulani ‘ya jenga mwili’ off-campus, asubuhiiii, niki-wait chai-andazi-mayai iletwe na ka-waiter fulani si hukaita Kanini Kaseo!

base ya jenga mwili, kwa ma-yo wote ka supreme ivi,  ni chyum za ma-hussla mtaani na campo, ukiwa mgeni unaitisha ugali madondo ya foti bob, ukiletewa unahepa ukilia -sikuitisha hiyo yote! 😀

anyway, ile hisia nilikuwa nayo nikianza hii post, nikaa ime-fade kiasi lakini agenda bado iko.

ni-issue fyam, especially kwa msee ako na progressive mind.

yaani imagine ukipiga mack-time for reason,seasons and causes beyond your control.

lakini natrust nimedo my best na ni Mbuyu wa upstairs an-do the rest.

one time tu, tutashine pia.

after all, kuna ka-quote kwa wall ya maskan yangu kao hunishow daily before nidoz:

‘I came here a youngster, i’ll leave a star!

forward match!



mimi wenu, milele kuliko ndovu,

boyo.onelove, wazeiiiiiya.

have not?i have! (tagg’d)

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on cue from one miss Nzembi am happy to present to you my list of ‘nimewahi ama sijawahi’s.

so here we go:

i have…

4……….just lost her. she passed away on monday, on my arms, she breathed her last. i have never been so sad.burial was on thursday and in attendance were few friends and poor phone!

3………just overcomed the fear of water that is more than the kawa maji ya karai . these days am amphibious..:)

2……..ever writen Xfiles on my X for my friends – & it got applause all the way to Strath and i felt like i had won a Pulitzer.Ok. was yound and foolish but felt better?

1……had like 11 blind dates! now call me a serial-whatever but am a just an adventurous netizen! 3 of them, met them at once, the rest, in bits. two bloggers (female)…yes.ati? what became of them? well, i can put it like steadman, one out eleven! (*evil grin*)…kidding, lakini. will do an honest post onnit someday.



0…….a thing for less read, review works (of underdogs, blah).recently read about one Brian who was a wordsmith and flawed genius who like fanned Mohamed Amin (the great photojournalists’s career). You can catch excerpts on Kwani?04, The life of Brian

BONUS…….I have a thing for Arungah’s legs (right)

ok, of course am kidding. Celebs fascinates me not, but t’was a cue i was dropping for a blog i plan to publicize soon full of my little photography adventures of campo events, peeps…come on, even the crappy campus vibe has plagiarized my work :). have since learnt that they have redirected their site to, otherwise evidence iko.

and now:

i have not…..

4…..never been arrested or spent a night/day in a police cell. hope it never happens in my life time.

3….not been in a ‘steady’/ seriuos relationship since ’06 and beginning of ’07.plenty of jump offs though…ama you think there’s something wrong?

2….an idea what to say next

0….ND FINALLY i would like to kindly tag the following: ELEET (no fights hehe), Val, 3N, KK, Supreme…and all bloggers who read this.

on such a day, i’d ovulate!

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it’s a beautiful life~30 seconds to mars

hmmm, with such declarations, i deserve a permanent editorial position at some Nairobian newspaper you and i know, but then, i only own a measly free blog- where i try make it juicy for y’all ama?
iko ivi yaani, today is sato and everything is dancing to the tune of a shattered-day(or shat-a-day with shat being the past participle of shit hehe).
well, i am not feeling so well but my mojo is so beyond its normal.
i want out!
out of this shell of being tired of being sick and tired!
For this reason and others, i’d so like to attribute to some feministic attribute, i visit the campus clinic. en route there, i realise that it’s my first time since 06! is that a Glory to God i hear?
my file was/is still there and i couldn’t help but shudder at the thought that they have my records. it’s not that i have a criminal or questionable past, but i dread leaving trails!
soon, i was ushered into the ‘Doc room’ where a label above the door read ‘Consultation.’
i knock once and a glum voice tells me to come in.
i find him putting down a ‘Rich Boy Poor Dad’ book as he reaches for his glasses which are resting on the desk. i wonder why he needs them – to see properly? or to look ‘Doctorly’? after all, he could read the fine print of the novel and am way bigger…
“do you have headaches…so i can prescribe an injection?” he enquires
uhm, yes, but not severe, in fact they have stopped…i said quickly as the thought of needles pricking my behind sends a ‘false healing’ through my head.
he asks a string of other questions as my eyes wander around his small lonely office with little intimation of life – never mind i had come here to have my life improved…could i survive working here?well, maybe am just too claustrophobic…
later on, after the usual dose of drugs that has been prescribed year in and out – even if its HIV thats eating at your marrow – i drag my not-so-feeling well body to the lib.
my mood was mellow-coddly (as val could say) everything is in purple, pink and a lovely orange 🙂 and whereas i dissassociate my absolute manhood from manipulation of the faintest trace of oestrogen in me…i think if i were a chick, on such a day,like this, with such a vision – i’d ovulate!
dropping my student ID at the periods…uhm, periodical section, i chuckle.
there is a quizical look on the librarian’s face but i move on to peruse the day’s papers and am going through the magazine section when i bump into Adam magazine.
how to groom yourself, blah blah and similar pictures fill the pages that i think it has an appalling gayish feel to it!
it’s so ironical to think Oh-younger Parlour (wo)manning such a mag while he so furiously writes a ‘man talk’ column!
the metrosexual man, hmmm..they call him (the man, not Pala Oyunga)
what’s up with them and make up? a man using lip balm? what the hell is fair and handsome?
what happened to the traditional man we knew before? the one that is perfectly embodied by dad?
with a natural scent, a little vaseline if any, to shake off traces of ‘mpararo?…after taking a bath on yet another scentless soap- jamaa…name them?
rough yet smooth, raw yet ripe, tough yet soft, that be me!
with a little he-motion here and there, am ready yo go…or don’t they say that its soft deep inside?
but to be swallowed by this wave of seemingly wimpy creatures(no pun, but quite intended!) :i refuse!
the kind that take ages to prepare themselves (in the bathroom- what with all make up?) kila weekendie, they are at salons, queing with ‘other’ womenfolk for a re-touch, pedicure, manicure…
honestly, i’d feel quite uncomfy spending a night with such (you know those arrangements, dont misquote)….remember Terence Howard in ‘white chicks’?
manze, you may wake up upate umembamba ule jamaa mbaya uuuuuuuuii…(after getting derailed by your dreams and some sweet musk from your bedmate.

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