black hawk down

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kabogo has been riding on a money tiger, and its getting hungrier

Juja MP william kabogo is a man on his way to oblivion, i can comfortably say. maybe his money could save him, but money aint evrything. his alleged involvement with the mungiki sect is a dent to his already dented reputation…that is iredeemable, even with money. this young tycoon, whose constituency lies next to where my ancestors dust is burried…infact, Juja is where my great grandfather lost his foreskin!
so, i speak from a firsthand experience…or encounter.
its sad to see that he thinks he can fly his way through evrything.
recently, he arrived in a chopper at a burial of one Jogoo Kimakia and the proud bird swept to the ground maize in a nearby plantation…n guess what many moneybags did?
smiling (un)apologetically, he fished out kshs 200,000 and handed it to the mzee of the boma…and you’d be out of yua mind to think the villagers (who were watching) were impressed.
you, i and the public know that most of these people acheive their monolithic perks from unfair means. or do these guys have days with more 24 hours? infact, who wears their ass off more? the sand harvester or…
yes…hard work(read skunk work) is not it rather smart work, but does that mean you use the unconventional means to get rich.
and i dont say that Kabogo got his wealth from unfair…but his (again alleged) story with the Kshs. 6.8 bn cocaine is quite questionable…
by the way, do you know with such Money u cud lend the whole DUNIA bob ubaki na change ya mita nane?yaani 8 milli change…?
n u say we’re poor..
so lets see the circus unfold as politicians rush through the coridohs of courts(getting to spend one-nighters in ‘jail’) and in the end, nothing will happen.
infact, am tempted to think this is just character assassination by the gover in a bid to show its bid in their failed battle against mungiki…in the end, as the attention fades so will the case vanish in the shadows.

the black hawk down

meanwhile, the candidates up against Kabogo are good to note. n they are out to take black hawk down! in fact, one of them has revolutionized the city road network…n filled the city with green..grasshoppers? yeah, u have a clue..the CityHoppa MD..George Thuo is one of the contestants of this seat. and the other guy happens to be the X-headmaster of Mangu high school…maybe he could give him some flight lessons…n altogether bring the black hawk down.


kukuru kakara za leo

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convicts rights: a general election stunt?

so, prisoners want to be granted legal..sorry, conjugal rights!talk of the evolution of human rights in Kenya. today’s standard just made my day with their lead story…(at least online, it is). the way those jamaas (prisoners) are expressing their viewsmakes me feel like, standing on me blog n calling Kefake M*vi ya Kuku…azin, cn u guys grasp the extent which freedom of expression has taken root in Kenya? itss afree society…where its cool n safe to be unpopular(really?)…back to the clapped up modoz…

“Life without conjugal rights is meaningless,” Abdulrahaman said as his wife Shamsa hugged him with tears rolling down her cheeks

so they are even given room to hug , sob… huh! thats cool i tell you…however, its the claim by some of the inmates that did intrigue me…

“It was an emotionally captivating moment as some prisoners kissed and hugged their wives, children and siblings.”(photo courtesy

hmmm, sniff…n this is the closest they have ever come to their families

but its these quote that caught my attention:

I eat well, I have clothing and a good shelter, but I am deprived of my conjugal rights. This is not good for the family. I thought by coming here, the prison management could have given me a chance to be with my husband,” she lamented.

well, am not sure how sincere some of these statements were/are….coz, enyewe, with her husband locked up in the cooler for the past ten or so years, dude, you want to tell me that such youthful souls could have that gap unfilled?azin…hold on on their hoses n wait for the devil to say mass….wacha the gover excites the prisoners adrenalin by arranging n promising such pleasantries…n then fail to deliver…manze, its wielding the bone to hungry bull dog…n since the sex-starved poor convicts cant do anything…don t you think its an even worse abuse of human rights..
however, its a noble idea.
some of us cant stay for one week without that thing…

meanwhile, the government, i think, is taking their kimenyano kind of legislation too far…to the EAC community. Moody with his usual dictated list, had his meeting stormed by akina Ngilu and 22 other MP’s mainly coz their respective party had not been wakilishwa-d…and the funny thing is th@ they have floated the same nominees, and this time Wako is wielding the list…as if that changes everything…and history may repeat itself… Kenya has started bringing it selfish interests in the community, which as i can foresee, will eventually collapse…with wiser neighbors, pulling anatha Kenyatta stunt is not possible.

image of the day

this karao refused to chomoka in the mat, even with the commuters stranded outside, apparently, coz the mat krew refused to chuck a paltry kshs. 100,
talk of the Moi error and era, and this com
es to mind. notice the forlon passengers…

├ęste sea el blog


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kuna mtoto flani wa kicolle ameni-hurt mbaya, na hizi ma-bongo frava nime-mdedicatia…tutapatana tu one time, tujazane!

modoathi, Compe!

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i have to begin by posting these craze take a break from the usual finger breaking job of forever pounding on me keyboard….enzoy!ha!

yeah right!n am out!
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