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today, i attended my first class irregardless of the constant conviction to skive it. but after close conferencing and numerouos consultation with my soul, i seduced me to sit throught the cold and bored wooden chair.

“press here for a keg’, read an inscription on it. couldn’t help fantasizing…even though am a tree-top-taller (when am high?)

coincidentally, the class is about persuasion and all along my mind was wandering on the variuos applications of the theories imparted.
meanwhile, my mind is a bit jumpy and jiggy. jana i got this call from ‘camp kennedy’ and i didn’t hesitate to take on the offer on the line. come on am not a chick and this aint a marriage proposal, right? surely, i wouldn’t feel sweet for this, coz, a week isn;t even over since i was at C.K. and this camp lag and laxity is still hovering over me like a horny incubus- ama what do they call those ghosts that rape men?
i was saying….i am yet to adapt the kawa programme and the thought of another escape is exxxicting.
i mean:

i love travelling, i love being away from home, away from my family, from people who know me and yes…just being me.

i believe home is where you have to go when you have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do, and when you HAVE TO, they HAVE to take you in, ama?
Apparently, this Org. has high afinity for young peeps with talent, are ambitious and of course, kinda needy¿ i prefer to think the r/shit is symbiotic coz i stand to gain in as much as they do.,
so am headed for Ke-leafy like that from Sunday for some ‘photography’ workshop…and till then, i’ll keep my toes crossed.

as for classes, the pretty new freshers, my indispensable blog readers, till next week after this one*.
keep well, i’ll be back…coz honestly, nothing does it for me that having fun and escape while pursuing my passion.
cheers, kilifi, here i come.


bank to school

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finally! that time of the year is here, and don’t think am as excited.in fact, i somehow is, considering the options of staying at home and all.

well, it’s been a fun hol, especially these last two weeks.

Camp Kennedy!Eish! i think i should post some snaps from the place…just chill

ill have to be eating up this every morning.good grief.

9- mile: i'll have to be eating up this every morning.good grief.

anyhow, i covered my legendary of 9-mile,  this morning, all in brown. i think i like brown colors a tad too much and it wasn’t a coincidence that the envelope clutched between my fingers was brown too.

the molly cuddly mood-to steal from Val-of new things, including starch-scented boxers (hihi, i know someone is feeling fresh :D) has not eased the stress of a new semester.

first, KCB guys have greatly disappointed me with their non-straight forward approach…i mean, why are banks never clear with their charges? i guess this is the difference?

first, they say you need no operating balance, no account fee, no ledger fee, free quick serve ATM and when am about to, they ask me for a Kshs. 500 fee. As kawa, i postpone the venture kiasi and i cruise  happy-go-lucky till this last week. Now, the fee is Kshs. 1000 and as i askhow, they reduce it to five hundred…and whats more, i cant open an account. reason? the system is being changed and has been changing for the last three months into the next three weeks…

i give up on them and decide to go to school first.

registration! oh, the day-mare, a work of poor dramatist aka the infamous (non) fine-a-n-ss dept.

however, i have a fresh approach this time and i hope to work-study.

pray for me in my endeavours…nitawakumbuka pia!

another one bites the dust

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see the soul-jahs laughing at the poor soul and how his eyes are popping out!

this photo in the Nation today my day. this guy went for military test and after completing the road race, fanited!see the soul-jahs laughing at the poor soul and how his eyes are popping out!poor soul.he missed the job, and got backpage space for his CV.

i should be heading for supper now. the printer just jutted out some papers like its an unwanted piece of crap…and oh, i should be taking a rest.i haven’t slept since the day before yesterday.

but i have to write this.never mind the last post dint wash.

Bernie Mac, whoever he be, is dead. it’s all over the net. i remember watching such a show but it never caught my interest as such. yet, i know its another sad story in the cosmos of inconsolable sorrows.
even so, may his soul rest in peace.
away from the limelight and into the grimier-light- those explicit news bits that Nation’ prefers to tack and publish in Daily Metro – a close pal has lost one of his child hood buddy.

he lost him, not only to death, but the brutal hands of Kenyan police. ok, the slain guy may not have been angel Gabriel, but these are the instances you get to concur with what Maina Kiai is nuts about- human rights.

its not fair, it will never be. but it’s the way of the ghetto…the Kenyan police i mean.
i think i grief/grieve(??)  with him.

M-any other businesses

today is 08/08/08 and its like everyone is w8ing for something extraordinary to happen. its 1036hrs 1115hrs now in the PM and mosquitoes are seducing me.i slap most of them to silence while some manage to get some pints.

wait, did i tell you am in Camp Kennedy for a vacation-cum-jobbo? what with food, limitless fast internet and eye-candies around, i am bound to forget!

but pretty many interesting things are happening here, including this project i once blogged about:sfs-google scouting for solutions…in other words, they refer to it as ‘scouting for sex’. i am still scribbling notes on my notebook on that, so patience!

as for the others, i told you my favorite blogs are those i never read…i did read the Alkoholik Anonymous this time around and discovered who this sunshine blog…my day was completed.

time update 1257hrs, i neeeeeeeeeeeed sleep. lest i also bite the dung…with fatigue, like this soul-jah who never is.

can wash

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i want to put  a post!

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