of my secret crush on palin and the facebook menace

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ahem, not bad for a forte someting mama...

ahem, not bad for a forte someting mama...

with John Mc bush when she was chosen as his running mate.

with John Mc bush when she was chosen as his running mate.

ha! i saw this coming. the moment Sarah Palin rose from an obsecure Alaskan Governor to a possible running mate of John Mc Bush, i sensed skeletons being hauled outta the closet. not surprising wordpress hottest posts of the day are awash with such and am left spectating.
whats up with drying out dirty laundry in the public?
sometimes, its ienvitable.
reminds me of what Pulse (a weekly entertainment magazine) ‘CEO’ Mr Charles…who i forget..once said. during a morning breakfast show with Queen of Kenyan radio drama, Cess Mutungi, he was asked if they really cared about the image of the many celebs or otherwise who they buzzted-or is it pulsated- and published on their rag. don’t they invade people’s privacy?
he replied that once you come out of your house into the public, you outrightly become a member of the public, right? consequently, you are (a private and) public property at the same time.you can only claim to have been violated if the paparazzi mount secret cameras in your house..blah blah, you get the point.
i thought this was all cool until sometime in ’06 this chick from our college was buzzted in carni on pulse with her tities hanging out like sun-scorched sukumawiki-haha literally. you can understand the stigma that dogged her the whole semester and even to date, she is reffered to as ‘the pulse chick’. good for her that she doesnt seem to give not the slightest damn.
now, back to Palin and her little skeletons that are crowding her. apparently, you may be in the know about her 17-year old pregant daughter who is not married. the media(the blogosphere include) is stressing on these latter two facts.
what bothers me is not whether she got preganant through osmosis, but rather on of the ways the news leaked out. constantly highlighted is the myspace page of one Levi,the impregantor and the fiancee to be.the page has since been deleted but not before its content was spilled to the public.yeah, the photos and all- which have refused to upload here by the way- and his views on marriage. he says he never wants to get married and is not the commitment type.
what i wanted to blog about are the dangers of these social networks. mindlessly, we add up stuff of our personal lives without caring who reads it. remember its public…some of us even have naked pictures on facebook. for sometime, it may not matter but you never know when the cat will jump out of the bag and you are the laughing stock…face down as you book a place in some list of shame.
be ashamed of ‘all your somethings’ keep them underwraps…at least in some anonymous blog somewhere, right?

oh as for my crush on Palin, i have ‘seen her from far and i think she is kinda lovely.
now use this against me. 😉
oh and i did a google search as to who has more ‘hits’ on google. between Sarah Palin And Obama’s Joe Bidden.hmm, its already bidden!Palin has 3,920,000 results compared to Joe Bidden’s 107,000. do the maths.



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  1. she doesn’t look bad at all…

    facebook is really really dangerous… i avoid it like the plague!

    of late, am also in that bandwagon.

  2. Kweli Facebook and the like are not the place to hide skeletons and your personal views. its the same thing that would happen if your boss discovers your facebook page on the day you have changed your status to: I’m hating my boss today.

    plus u tell of your crazy orgy during the weekends and everyone knows about your dirty little habits, hmm.

  3. myspace. not a place to be having your shit on in case you happen to be a public figure.

    if one shoould be….try anonimity, ama?

  4. She is a little cute for a politician!

    Facebook has its benefits..eg I use it to advertise my side hassle exclusively and it works.

    I have also linked with friends I have not seen in over 10 years on facebook.

    The dangers in FB rae the same if you use it recklessly. If you would not undress in public, why then post a nude pic in FB?

  5. me i think u need to dig deeper, there’s lots of stuff going on!!!

  6. Facebook has its positive and negative aspects. If you know it’s going to incriminate you, don’t post it! Simple.
    Btw i tagged you.

  7. FBook,its quite good when you know how to use it but the main problem is when you have friends who dont understand you.Why have 455 friends and only 30 or so understand your style.
    That Palin lady is quite something for a politician

  8. There go Hillary’s fans, there go other women who want immediate representation in the ticket, there go on-the-border democrats on the edge of conservatism…does no one else see her as a political ploy?

    Women are taking this insult like flattery..shame.

  9. so now i understand why you quit facebook. thinking of going into politics? local area councillor?

    McCain dug his own grave. Obama juu…

  10. Palin does look fine but you never know with this finesse. Obama said his mother had him when she was 18 so people should not make Palin’s daughter an issue. Atleast he doesnt play dirty

  11. She’s a looker!

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