vampire retreat in the boat of horrors…

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ha ha ha, i always love this: grim stories, funny horror pictures and travelling for fun!

well, my week was hitting this bad end, cancelled dates and an apparently mal-nourished pocket when the good news came. it seems, ‘several’ years later, fruits of my pained labors as a freshman are paying. a fully paid retreat to crayfish?

psssssssssst- i think its that ka-place DnG turned from a Disciple and God to Drinks n Gals…

don’t ask what am tagging along, pics and stories will be duly served to you afterwards, blogrens.

i hope it will be will be, it must be!

fun, fellowship and food.

but i know the conceptions that have been there about Naivasha in the media, from the place being a haven for rapist and weirdos. in fact, only last week, Crazy Monday carried a feature on the hallowing tales.

i don’t know what makes Naivasha such a boat of horrors- somebody, do flowers turn good men into rapists?plenty of them?SMH.

i think ni pepo tu mbaya…ishindwe!


MEANwhile, the main reason i did this post is that MY first ever post on boyfulani was on a retreat to the same place, then a perfect get away place at Fisherman’s camp. It was a November, i remember, you can check this URL and probably see me and my earlier ‘crushes ha ha!

on a much sober thought, 138 posts later(when am i hitting the 200th mark?) i think its time i got some serious chunk out of boyfulani. he never is, aki, as you may have noted. that bit and others….if i survive the vamps in naiv… i have a little bundle of joy for your eyes.


makombora,makelele, mathoughts,ma-insights,…drums roll..tidididididi,

here comes the media maverick amatuer

ha! okey


enjoy your weekend(s), thanks for dropping at mine!



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  1. ..”it was on a november, i remember…i liked that rhyme, though i spit it out, involuntarily…am a hopeless romantic, i wont tell ya!but it reminds me of this song i like to bits(ish ish boyfie, that sounds girlish, grow balls) hihi..never minds the dialogues in my head…the song, by Coldplay, i like still: “it was a cold and dry December…there was snowwww….if you loved me..wouldn’t you let me knowwwwwwww….let me knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…ok, enuf said, am off, i gotsa bounce!
    and i like that vampire there by the way ha ha ha.grrrrr…who is scared?Val?Savvy?

    we nani alikwambia u-comment?

  2. I love that Coldplay album. Thanx to you now that song will keep ringing in my head. . . Enjoy Naivasha.

  3. Not being a fan of anything remotely strange (except Addams family)…errr..okie..enjoy Naivasha!!!

    and yes..keep away from the flowers..

    The “bundle of joy” bit got me puzzled

  4. lol…i love this post mainly coz it smells Haloween~ish..and i have some massive parties to attend to this Hallo.

  5. Wewe rudi sasa. I wish I’d hav time 4 retreats. Hope u enjoying it

  6. me, scared? no way..I’d probably be the one you run to for protection when the vampires smell fresh blood!

    Anyway, I see you got back safe, so where are the photos?

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