April 25, 2007 at 10:17 am | Posted in movies | Leave a comment

300, the movie. evryone’s talking about it. i got it on my hard drive, thnks to well-wired…n ha! here is my review…
not enuf tears, not enuf blood, not enuf passions…n yes, not enough bloody naked queens!

to some extent its worth the praise, for real, considering the only real thign about it are the people n spears, the rest( landscapes, cities, houses) are pure graphics..its called the new art of war, or so the time called it. everything is pretty well computerized generated…n me i think i like the whole thing..the sheer brutalness of the spartans , the bloog spilling al over , the speeches made n the eloquence of the queen,

still, without comparing movies, the movie The Last Samurai has more ‘hard training than 300 hundred yet 300 is more legendary n portrays ‘the world’s greatest wariors…so probley a lil bit gorish scenes n brutalities like a guy slitting an enemies throat wit bare hands would have put it more on spot..


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