a bad picture they say?

December 4, 2008 at 7:07 pm | Posted in life, whatsmakingnews | 13 Comments
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is worth more than a thousand words.

this, i captured during the K.U. culture week (sports tourney) somewhere around october and the rest of the stock be on the site linked on the picture!

check out my promised ‘paparazzin’ of campus events in this site, that i was almost bashed in the head for in some watering hole.

all the best.




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  1. AMA this is the reason guys in high school ogopa-d chicks who play hockey, LOL…imagine that stick doing the slips…by mistake ewwwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. LOOOOOOOL son that was sick!!…tehhehe u really are an art major. I took me like 2 minutes to figure the contents! tehehe

  3. She mos def looks comfortable… whatever that says for her.

  4. Walalala! Ouch!

  5. can you imagine my pc has failed to upload it!

  6. dude. this rocks. oh dear me! *holds hands to mouth*

  7. a sticky behind

    lol, to hold it in place or wurr?

  8. Dayyyum!

  9. Very very nice.

    i appreci*kate

  10. wololo! wololo!

    yayayayyay ya yeeeeee

  11. Lawdy Lawdy!

  12. damn ur good in photography… But any1 in the world can think whatever.. as long as she waz comfy, who cares??

    for the photography, the compliments complements and fuels my keen eye, towards that ultimate prize whose name i know not!
    Well, about the babe, i also dont care as long as it caught the photographer’s eye, then, she has a story to tell…?

  13. walalalalalaaaaa lol @ 3N eti a sticky behind

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