Xx at first sight

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send my dead feet to my ex for her b.day..ha!

kimwona taingiwa na fikra/ za ye kuwa bikra
na in particular
tawish awe mwenyekiti
wa roho yako juu ako fiti
beauty /maximum ka kamiti
tamwona m rich in spice
"brown skin" in words za  Richie spice
kabla um approach tabid u think thrice
ni mtam/ ana tabasam ya mtaalam
madam/ wengi wamewish a come
a hang loneliness yao ka SADAM
Sir God ka take time kumviringa hips
perfect finish hadi kwa finger tips
creation delicious shinda fish na chips
Boyflanie..alimtrust kuliko condom
smile alipatiwa limwondolea boredom
kamset on fire ka soddom/ na gommorrah
aki parade cat walk miss K enya takaa horror
sabu ule si bora msichana ni msichana bora
nice kwa eyes /za guys
analata expansion program kwa flys za guys
damn huyo dem ni m nice
i say / anaeza convert kimsee gay/kimshikilie all day………..
big ups Mc Mutant….those were the daiz..

dance with the devil…

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no matter what happens in my life..this poem makes my heart go yonder
He was use his charms to lured you in his trade,
He will dances around your heart for amusement,
While your soul will be loss in during the harmony of the music,
He will rip your heart out at the same time,
See his deception smiles and along with his malevolence eyes fade away into darkness,
His way of ecstasy is to sent your soul to hell as lie with along his,
He will touch you so sexual that I will drive you into sin,
He will leave me as you wanting him for some more,
His charms and devilish sexy look will un-embrace you,
He wills keep you dancing until you are loss the melody of the music;
He plays you like a fool,
Oh, your soul is weak and hunger for him,
Child, you don't is don't know,
Is that, you been; "Dance With Devil.

anchor to the drab and real reality

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i know am really down, really really down….but ill rise, i know.>> The sky is burning, writing my heart across the heavens. Like a book, the markings make sense if you know how to read them. My eyes are on fire, weeping tears of scalding clouds. No clouds ever hurt so much.

the stone floor burning my feet is my chain. It holds me to the world I know, stopping one strong gust of wind blowing me into confusion and fear. One step forward, one choice, will make all the difference. One stumble, one wrong word, will pitch me over the side, into a heaving sea of lost souls.

The only thing between me and my ill-fated future are the sun-warmed patio flags. A rope tying me to the safety of the sun, holding me to you, and keeping me away from the twisted life I can know. You can't leave, because knots keep you with me and nothing can untangle them.

The cooling floor is releasing me. I fall forward, clinging to the strength it gave me. Figures around me draw closer, waiting for that moment of weakness. They will pounce. I will fall.

The stone floor burning my feet is an anchor to reality.
Don't cut me adrift.

game ya mtaa:mwaradha jo!

June 23, 2007 at 10:42 am | Posted in msheflani | 18 Comments

manze, sincerely ngoso imegonga ukuta saa hizi…kabisa, ika-diffuse tu kwa aiyia ivo ivo tu, sa ni do?wacha ni roll on na hii lugha ya mtaa, ambayo na mesea tu kiasi…
jo, wacheni maboyz niwaskizie, home grazing ni game datee ma-times…yaani, kuwa ga na ka chekedi hapo ivo kwa hood ni mwadhara, ni come ku-realise. ni curse diguised ka blessings jamaa…sijui lazima tu-experience ndo itu-hit ni poa kucheza hii game kwa ubongo….lakini i still think maisha ndio odijo wa vungu kwa kila mdhii.
manze, vichwa vingine vibovu ka vile modo, hivi, boyflani….hehe, lazima zitingishwe zitoe dandruffs ati ndio point i-sink in…sijui si hungojea kuku akamuliwe…
in short, siku hizi mi na kula na macho tu…iwe ni stage, church, ama place yeyote naweza patana na chuma moto za maana.na tamani na tamani, alafu ikizidi..mimi huyoooo teke teke, shawa baridi.
siwezi ngoja kuchoma picha tena.
ka-goose kangu kalishikwa, kakatolewa manyoya,na kaka-bekiwa nikiona tu hivo.
na 2 mek matters ngori kabisa, iliserviwa na salt n pepper, if u kno what i mean.
before nijue kenye nilikuwa na relish, kizee…picha yangu ilikuwa imechomeka beyond, recog.
isitoshe, nilichoma picha mtaa…mara mbili tena.
hawa ma-shore wa hood, eish,waogope..ume-mess na mmoja, wawili hivi, probability ni wote wamekuwekea wanted.almos’ ear marked.
eeee, modo…yule jamaa player, sujui yu behave ka mtoi…hata hajui ku-snogg. *giggles*. alafu, u kno mob wa hizi pang’ang’a ni mnyuka tu. watu tu wanamwagilia C.V. yako maji…u-player hater to. labda ulim-dump aka hurtika mbaya, ama zile kago zake, hazikuleteshei saa hizi.
blanda kwanza ni kaa we na mabeshte za huyo m0she, hamuwezi share stage..waa..incase of the lil shitty things that dot r/ships…wanaanza “ka-drop. ka-drop hako ka-fala!”
bottom line yangu ni kuwa, nimecheki maboy wame maintain hiyo quo successfully. ma-boy wana respect mtaani ju hakuna yule anajua ma-bedroom secrets…yaani wao ni mystery tu.
dude, usifikiri unavyo manga zaidi ndivo unavyo pata respect..aaaaa aa!
in short, dont shit where u sleep, eat.sikiza hiyo siri..

special deds
egm- cud u help me remake my passports?
Unyc- here i come gal, naona mbe
joshua- wona uria arira aigua ni uramutiga…
Archer- niaje bro, manze nirentishe hizo ma-arrows niweze kulenga..

Any Other Biaching..hiii sato ni………….ku banjuka tu!

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