end of sem siestas I

April 23, 2009 at 12:58 pm | Posted in life | 1 Comment

it’s not fair to break three hearts in a single semester. my guilty unconsciousness is getting aroused and i am thinking, it would be fair to Karma and the female fraternity to take a ‘break’ and brake my break neck hooking up speed- cool it off at the terraces and watch the game.

well…it’s just that the semester is finally screeching to a close and the end-of-time mood is all over. Classes, elections (the winners were no big surprise) are over and the ice berg in the horizon is self-named monster: exams – we got to sail a bit more carefully here, folks.
by now, compiling c.a.t’s, the assignments you never submitted, class attendance (hell, here we get 5 p.c for that!) you have an inkling of your final grade! and as a result, you know whether to kaza mwendo or breeze through the beach-easy mood with a velvety vest and flowery hawaii shorts – in most cases, its never the latter.

meanwhile, if you had a ‘project’ all through the semester, she should at least be tightly locked up in your ‘box’ or at least show signs of loosening up some strands and straps towards horizontal strides…but if otherwise, man, ya gotta step the game up or prepare for cold cold exam periods- that will be bleeding on all of us.

there are silent whispers that the best time to get laid are these fidgety edges of the sem when the weather is chilly, exams are looming and there is a general laxity, anxiety all over. ask me 🙂 – i’ve seen it, lol.
Hey, thanks for reading my all along. Net here, been scarce like tap water in third world countries.
I’ve been reading ya all, but have not been able to comment.

Check you laters.


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  1. later man.


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