Dating a girl-boy

April 27, 2009 at 3:04 pm | Posted in life | 8 Comments

She rings my phone off the pocket.
She emails, my side vibrates.
She kisses me, my guts shudder.
She moans, windows steamified by her breathe shutter.
Her emerging number is not 999- its triple six.
I’m dating a girl boy – OMG, am I gay?



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  1. more importantly, are you alright?!

    i think so…

  2. Is this a puzzle?

    more like a dilemma?

  3. I thought I was good at deciphering. I guess I have to upgrade the little skill.

    You’ve been tagged. hit mine for details

  4. I like that!
    Are gay … you seen happy, ama?

    tsk tsk confused too LoL!

  5. Girl- boy? Tomboy? Dude!

    Tagged…kimbia kwangu pia.

  6. or bi perhaps? hmmmm…

    thought for food…

  7. huh?? gay u??

  8. Did I leave a comment here or on FB?

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