The boy who pissed the Lord

February 16, 2010 at 12:06 pm | Posted in life | Leave a comment

They had just read from the Book of Phyllis, Chapter 10, where it did state: Thou shall never pass the Ammo, before thee, praised Lord Pickles.

The words pierced his ears and wormed their way into his brain, triggering confusing emotions. Thoughts of what lay ahead whipped his sorry-self into jelly, so much that his knee caps clapped.
Without warning, a warm liquid made its way down his short pants, caressed his legs as it streamed down, giving a good-hot feeling that gently lifted his soul- the perfect escape he had..


Beret-heads turned, in unison, making a discipline shuffle.

A cold wind whizzed by his bare legs and his eyes, previously lost in the moment, came to life, like stadium flood lights:

A pool had formed below his legs.

Fear, shame inexplicable feelings meshed in his heart, crushed out all his functions, except that to breathe- short, hot puffs that expanded his nose, making it resemble two smoking barrels. Images formed in his shrinking mind, as the sweltering sun scalded his forehead, melting any possible ideas from his buttered mind…


A distant command, sounded again and the sound of thumping boots filled the atmosphere before grinding to a sudden halt, raising dust on the clean concrete.

His face, a wedding cake in the rain, fell, as the flag begun to rise.

“Oh, God of all Creatures…” a trembling terrible tenor came alive, joining his heart’s hue and cry-

All faces, taut as the mouth yapped the anthem, were facing upward, in a compelling patriotic union.

On the small puddle beneath, the boy caught a reflection of the flag as it reached the peak of the pole.


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