Rise of ‘Tigritude’: Why T. Woods is my hero

December 7, 2009 at 8:14 am | Posted in life | 6 Comments

The gut-less media is abuzz with news about Tiger’ Woods possible philandering ways. It beats logic why a man cannot be let to just be. Well, he may be in the limelight and therefore much is expected of him, but, heck, he’s still a man.

By a man, i mean, a man…MAN, not the collective biblical term that includes that species that is the root of all our woes.

Many are ways of a man, countless are his thoughts and over-the-edge, his testerone may reign, and shit, happens. Personally, i hail the guy. With all the dollars he may rake in, and the number he rates worldwide in the business of thwarking golf balls…well, he is my shortlived hero.

Here’s the little stupid reason why. (diss-claimerMay it not be said that i advocate for…(hate this word, but) adultery

All the same, he goes down the annal of history like all great men do: getting entangled in the lure tendrils of sassy mistresses. You find that when a guy achieves so much, and you are at the peak, your self esteem may not soar as much. Sometimes you need the ‘re-assurance’. Everything comes when you snap…and after a while, you start questioning whether things happen your way because of what you have or who you are. Women, at your beck and call, mostly because of the affluence’s allure…

So, once in a while, you go down murky path and seek  out that mistresses who tickles something your glamorous wife doesn’t…if you’ve read Lady Boss by Jackie Collins you may have a point to allude to…yeah, that movie boss who was hitting it with some black cop.

From my obscurity, and the rejections i’ve had in my life (mpaka i am immune) i think i lift my KK glass to this guy, for just being. And doing them all in, kwani iko nini?



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  1. Hehehe…blogged like a true man. I say the media is shamelessly hounding him, and the man should be left alone to clean up his mess. The only people that should care are his wife and family (and maybe friends). But, now that the mistress count is up to 9, you gotta wonder why he even got married? I guess the only PSA thing about it is a lesson to all the dumb men out there cheating on their wives, and the dumber broads that are sleeping with married men expecting anything out of it.

  2. @sisbigbones..yeah, a man must be left to be, ama?

  3. “If your wife ain’t giving you none, you have a legal right to get some.”

  4. it should be discreet though, ama?

  5. What depressed me most was that they’d been married for just 5 years, yet he’s had over 10 mistresses.

    Unfortunately the same way the world celebrates his victory, you have to give ‘the people’ a chance to express their opinions on his issues (the price of being a celebrity).

    One thing I wonder when men give the reasons ‘I needed reassurance’ or ‘I was struggling with issues’ for cheating is: What do women do when they need reassurance or are struggling with issues? Is it ok for them to cheat then?

    I’m not saying women don’t cheat (Lord knows they do), it’s the implication that we should understand when men do it.

    the bottom line i think, a man, or woman, should not cheat. we’re past those day’s of women should not cheat as it is a preserve of men. but my former statement is just as IDEAL as…lying is bad, don’t lie…but people do it all the time. so, it seems we can’t get to root of the problem and nip it at the bud…so we may as well as start getting used to it and wear this court: ‘when she/he cheats, what next?’

  6. Typo on the last sentence. I meant when ‘men’ do it, not mean. Edit pls.
    yeah, just did it. Error is to man, as it is to women, huh…kidding but…(check above comment)

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