my ode to the gloved one (M.J.)

June 26, 2009 at 5:27 am | Posted in life | 1 Comment

This morning , we woke to the ‘heartbreaking news to M.J.’s demise. It must be sad for his legion of fans. And for me too.

I digged the man’s music. He was legendary, i must say.

As a matter of fact, jana, with a workmate in a South C mat, we talked about the man. Apparently, the lady was saying that Ne-yo, in his video, Miss independent, was the best dancer ever. M.J. had to come in the picture. And the talk carried on, on his exploits on the dancefloor, his inventions and just perfect videos.

Just the other day, i had just acquired his ‘History Disc’ and everybody in the office fell in love with it. His music was just dope. I don’t know why the King of Pop had to stop short of come-back tour. I must admit that he was one of the musicians i would i really wanted to see perform live, but sadly, that will never be. Early this morning as i was coming to work, Maina Kageni and his co-presenter, Mwalimu King’ang’i were at it, as usual and Maina mentioned something about how he attended his 1993 Dangerous tour in Wimbledon-  it was phenomenon, going by the way he put it.

Even so, i remember watching a documentary-cum-film on his life on Channel 2, now Metro T.V. Well, be as it may, the man had issues in his life. Major issues, i must add…but watching the film gave me another perspective to his trouble life – from plastic surgery to his legal battles and i have to admit he had problems, but not as the media portrayed it. You know the media can fuck you up, right? And it did. Remember when he dangled his baby, Blanket, out of a Berlin balcony? Well, we all heard and read that he wanted to throw the baby off…but what a moajor misconception and distortion of incidents it was. I remember Gado drawing a cartoon of an M.J. on a balcony, holding child abuse charges as a black round ball ready to throw it…but it was tied to his leg. Poor M.J. Well, apparently, from the film, he had taken the baby from the nanny and was going to show him to his fans, covering its face with a face towel.

One more thing about the baby; he was curiously named ‘Blanket’. Who the hell would call their baby ‘Blanket? Ati, kuja hapa blanketi, hmmm. According to M.J., he was a Blanket…a blanket of love….

One major thing i noted is that he lived in an Utopian world of his own…his own realism that baffled even those close to him.

Sure, a lot has happened in this pop idol, but his music thrilled us. Thriller be playing now as i reminisce on the man and the music.

R.I.P. Micheal Jackson.


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  1. May the King Rest in Peace.

    yo men!

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