Adverts that should be struck off our screens

June 24, 2009 at 7:02 am | Posted in life | 5 Comments

I mostly like watching T.V. for the adverts aspect. I recall when i was small, we would recite almost all adverts, after dad brought home our first Great Wall t.v. I love adverts. They represent the creative aspect of T.V. which is my thing. So, they had better be good!

Now, not all are. Some seem to be hurriedly assembled up for certain reasons and us viewers bare the brunt of poor productions. Yeah, we know and i also know, adverts aint true. But i would not call them lies. Just mere exaggerations of some purpoted truth. See, even if you’re lying to us, please do so convincingly that even if you’re wooing us to hell, tell us in a such a way that we’re look forward to the fete, no so?

Right now, i have several adverts on our screens that do not my derserve my my KEBS production sticker.

Bouncy (pampers?) baby diapers

For a competitor to Pampers diapers, this ad does us a disservice. It even ‘dos’ the advertisers right back inthebums. It starts with a crying baby and a sleeping couple where the mother tells her hussy that ‘it’s  his turn to get the baby’s milk. And the guy, drenched in sleep, almost falls over in the kitchen. I think that is supposed to be funny. However, the following day, he purchases (we’re not shown though, which is why it lacks ‘that ‘product placement thingy that should show how the product made a difference) …so he gets Bouncy diapers and we’re shown the mother wrapping the baby up in them. That night, they sleep peacefully.  The ad ends there. But i think t could utilize the minute better. Right before it ends, the announcers voice talks about how the diapers change color when wet. This is audio visual, and i think (though i never used diapers) it is a unique selling point for them so, they should do a visual illustration or something, like it happens with Pampers…

For this, and the poor lighting – making the ad dull and lack that professional lustre, i’d give it a 3/10!

4u beauty soap

And this is another, featuring the cliche mother and child and a soap. The concept is same ol’ but i would not blame them…new ideas are as expensive to come up with, but wouldn’t be worth it? Yes, i have several concept to sell a soap – like show a guy so having fun, making noise in the bathroom like he is wanking…yeah, lol and follow it up with something meaningful–but here we have them, mother and daughter, the daughter of course asking how mum’s skin is so good…

” but it will be if you use 4U beauty soap” – perfectly cliche!

But i just have one najor beef with this one. The lighting is passable, but the echos that come through are annoying. Under no circumstances, unless intended should sound be distorted. It should be clear, audible and straight forward. But fit this ad, you can clearly hear the echo in the room, meaning it was a ‘tape-to-DVD’ production.

A zero on that!

Meanwhile, not all ads are jumbled up (and here i can go on on like the energizer bunny) and thumbs up for those who come up with simple, corny and catchy ideas. Like the perfect match concept in Wahi Kuwahi promotion, and the Yu free text messages.  In the latter, i like the Uhuru Park one more than the others. Especially that lady preacher. She so looks the part of those Street preachers it would be hard to be convinced she does something else for a living – check out her hairstlye, dressing, high heels even the way she kondoas her macho!

That’s it for today, tweeples…kumbukeni, atakaye nyunyiziaye maje, naye pia ata nyunyiziwa!



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  1. Not one farmiliar ad u just mentioned. What is ur take on the Cocacola Brrr ad?

    Coke ad, i personally think is great. The copy writer went all the way to the banking Lmao-ing yAANi. You see, it cuts across the international divide, is easy to understand and funny at the same time…to the extent Papa shirandula is an international celeb- or so he says.

  2. Interesting! Cant wait to see your ratings for the plethora of kenyan music videos out there..
    sure, keep locked here, dont touch the dial, lol.

  3. You’ve left out perhaps the worst ad on tv today, the one for HELB where some chap drives his spoilt hair combing wife & brats to show them where he grew up. “where…where are we?”
    yeah, i agree, the ad somehow lacks direction, but the message is serious enough…

    Followed closely by Orange’s ad with Jua Cali for “niaje beshte ya Caroline!”

    man, this should stop the list, the idea flopped badly…i think Zain did this one justice to save us from the lameness of ‘beshte ya caroline’

    Funniest ads, I agree with Yu, are by Yu. “Anyunyizaye pia yeye atanyunyiziwa” and the mathe screams “will you translate for me or not!” and the guy goes “Utanitafsiria au la!” Hilarious! And the rugby players texting during a scrum.

    yeah, and the ref who texts, forgets he is to blow the whistle, the gola is distracted and all of a sudden, the whistle is blown, a goal is scored and gola is left zushaing–nice concepts right there!

  4. 4u beauty soap is cliche and sooo irritating, and uncreative..I just hate it on my screen. Plus, if soap has all those beauty ingredients, then it is not good for the baby! Babies need simple mild soaps.

    yu-to-yu ziko juu tu sana.

    But I agree with Archer on the HELB advert, first those kids look old and shady, they just look like they are acting. They don’t even look spoilt. The point gets across but the ad could do with some improvement.

  5. u 4got th most annoying ya huyu mbu analia grrr……ni ya doom au ridsect??and the one 4 “am a hair n beauty consultant…..timless proffsional college imeishi 4eva jo.hio storo haibambi.

    LoL. i actually think the ridsect is a new concept instead of louis the pest…but ILE YA TIMELESS BEAUTY…wawawawa…i think i hate that one to bits, especially the chick who smiles like sijui wot, plus the screams those nuccas holding a trophy make…maaaaaaaaan!

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