Monday blues

June 15, 2009 at 5:54 am | Posted in life | 1 Comment

Its been a while since this Monday blues thingy caught up with me. Today I feel it to the core of my being. These are the moments you want to talk nada and a nag is not even the last person you want next to you. After a whirl wind of a weekend, waking up was a major task man and I wished I could just be transported through the week in flash and end up in a Friday night, fast asleep.

Nothing seems to cheer me up, not even Boom boom pow track trickling from a workmates earphones… Work is the last thing on my mind, but for the sake of that end month cheque, I try to endure. I mean, is there a way we could do away with Monday? Back at school, I carefully choose my classes and make sure that the better part of Monday finds me snuggled up in my duvets.

That way, I avoided the annoyingly happy clicks around lecture rooms that look like this is the best day of their lives. They dig heels in your heart making you feel left out, dejected and what’s worse, make you just go blue ‘stead of red. At work, there are, amongst us, who are finding the pleasure of talking about relationships in the rocks…sijui unafaa um-show ukweli nini….aaaaaaaaaaaaargh, ok, may be, I am the one on the wrong side of the day. Meanwhile, I’ll be hunched over this comp, do my pointing today, carry on to clicking on Tue and Wednesday and see what happens after in on Thur and Friday… all the while putting on a brave focussed face, and act like I am buried in work.

P.S. Anyone with tickets to the Safari Sevens Thicket?

Talk to me.

I wish you all happy Moan-day.


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  1. So how has the week been? Friday is almost upon us.
    sijui leo itakuwaje man!
    nimelemewa lakini ntamuomba mola anisaidie nione mbele vizuri

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