Wanting a Nairobi girl…

June 8, 2009 at 8:22 am | Posted in life | 3 Comments

dat be Naisula Lesuuda

On the general scale, there is something about Nairobi girls that is exciting. But mostly, that is as far as the fun goes. Ignoring the latter statement let me rant on, on what keeps our hearts giddy. Maybe, if we ignore it long enough, it may as well ABRACADABRA: disappear! See, their fashion sense is candy for the eye/or is it tongue? They’re sophisticated, modern and even though she may be cautiously approaching 28, they still have the gait and gaiety (though a bit slacking) of a fresh college girl. The only difference is, unlike college girls, lies and self appraisal doesn’t work. With them, you’re a bit blunt, straight forward as they have most likely heard it all. You do not use pick up lines on them, instead, you walk up to her and say: hey am John, married, two kids, one outside wedlock and I want you to be my clande…oh, and please state clearly how she stands to gain – financially, of course.

But those are not my kind, necessarily, unless the financial, business and pleasure are appropriately reciprocated which is a topic for another day, altogether. Right now, I have been thinking about your run off the mills Nai Chick. The kind you can’t resist a second look, lives in Westlands (though you know it’s a certain Hostel off Kipanga Road) are attention getting, yap all the time though half the talk amounts to ounces and ounces of non sense—but just ‘fun’ altogether, if playing dumb could be your thing.

See, the diversity does exist (as say, where they sprout out from) but that would drive me further from the bull’s eye. Having dated pseudo-conservatives, the little adventure in me tickles me to try and cast my net wider. To have one of those bubbly creatures squeaking besides me, even if tis just for a month- as long as the money last, you know. Or before lust rusts, on my side.

Now, I am thinking, maybe it is just because you can’t have it all. For a chick that could fall out of the Nairobi bracket/blanket, you even forget you have a girlfriend. They give you space and are not militant with text, emails or facebooking ish. They just lay low and wait for the most important moment to call. In short, they are not clingy, if anything, do not care much about such stuff as cheating- they foolly trust you, or make you believe so.
For the sophisticated Nairobi girl, they even insist you change your relationship status on Facebook and indicate that so and so in a relationship with so and so. They’re aggressive on the text message front—forwarding those sterile text messages that have been recycled over and over…and are not as hesitant to get physical with ya. If they like you, that’s love to them. They’re suddenly committed…as they would be to the other guy- of course, you thought you be the only one?

But maybe that is as good or as bad as they go, sophistication aside, and rest of the garbage, ah, sorry, baggage they drag along—including, if she is fly spleng, a very oogre best friend! (I always wonder why? To ward off compe?
Still, for a change, a desert, side dish of or something, a Nai Chick would do fine.



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  1. ha ha. it cannot get any more real than this. And something else is that some of them are really not from Nairobi but they tell everyone that they are. But on the bright side most are damn fly

    the end justifys the means dontcha think LoL.
    will visit yua url bwoy!


  2. Is that Naisula Lesuuda a prototype… coz if it is, I want me one of those Nairobi girls.

    you want one? Like Naisula, follow me to the super market of Nairobi streets, hehe

  3. I just love Kenyan women so much. They are beautiful

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