Sarakasi @ SawaSawa voice-tival

June 2, 2009 at 12:06 pm | Posted in life | 1 Comment

Well, maybe the best method to document this is through captivating snapshots, but I bumped into this event on Sunday almost by mistake. So, I had no camera in tow- just my eyes and ears. Trust them to give you some juicy titty bits, aight?
Sawasawa festival was the name of this annual event. It’s the same event, if you may recall correctly that brought to Kenya akina Black Uhuru, Culture and the like of their ilk. However, this year, things were a bit different. It was a Kenyan only fete that feature all singing and performing talents that rightfully deserved the tag. It was also exclusively held at the artistic building known as the Sarakasi dome, Ngara- with the aim of promoting the venue for events too.

The festival stretched from Friday the 28th all the days to Sunday—and it is this last day that I sandwiched myself in a tent that provided that important shade ( hiyo solar ilikuwa imewaka mbaya!)….and just in time to catch Sauti Sol /Soul on stage…and boy, it was bliss to see the contents of an album I do possess/pirated to be real, hehe…played out on stage. My fave song from it was la zizi, their first hit single. Soon to follow was Atemi whose vocals made my heart just go…cheese! Her Taxi Driver song had the sizeable crowd awed…I guess because of the simplicity of the lyrics and the cries of love that—this is me talking- is quite elusive/exclusive to many! And talking about the crowd—there were three or so venues to cater for the numerous artists. One was outside the dome, where most people hanged out (including ‘outsiders’) and there was one in the Sarakasi Bar- complete with all the details, ah, bottles, and the third one , called Alpha was in a Hall inside the dome catering for gospel artistes and fans.

And well well, the crowd—I think besides Muthoni, an afro fusion artiste, or whatever you call them, the crowd baffled me with its ‘maturity’- for lack of a better word. Naturally, I was expecting the ‘rusha mikono na miguu’ kinda guys—but there was a comfortable fraction of artsy chicks and dudes who did appreciate the artistes efforts on stage, by applauding where it mattered, and nodding their heads when ‘deep stuff’ came through the speakers. Of course, you can’t kosa the clueless, idlers, thiefs—and oh, for such an event, these white guys all over the venue by virtue of the event being sponsored sijui by the Danish Embassy, British Council…and on second thoughts, I take that back and appreciate the contribution these people are making to our art scene.

Oh and talking of important pee-poles – spotted Koome, or Kwame, that Dogba- not-Drogba hooks alike of KTN’s The Presenter fame, moving about and around like it was a shooting set and him, Director—and the tom boy look-alike too, complete with sagging jeans, Jenny was her name, I fink.

So as the evening gained on the disappearing light, I was at the bar awed by Muthoni, one Nina and an acoustic band calling itself ‘Lani’ or something consisting of one chick, another VERY fly chick and a dude. :-). And that Nina chick…oh, dint she drive guys wild? Well, her outfit was more suggestive/provocateur than her voice, hehe.
At the same time, I kept feeling for my wallet as the place was literally packed to the rafters, and you never could tell who was lurking behind you in the dimly lit bar.

I left the venue quite uplifted by the live bands – which I like much, by the way- and wished I had brought ‘someone’ along/or at least, ah, ‘MEET :D. On the way out, bumped into Eric Wainaina and wife, Sheba /Hirst making their entrance…guess he performed too, but I had to leave!
With me hanging around this siti, now and days to come- ni sha toka ocha- I’ll be surfing a lot in these waves of the art scene as well as telling tales.
See you tonight at Kwani Open Mic!


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  1. I should have gone for that event. Actually I heard about it kinda late. Sauti sol rocks but I’ve never watched them perform live. Oh btw that rain jana made me not go for Kwani¿. Did number 8 perform? He’s my favorite.

    Sarakasi was fun while it lasted and Sauti Sol are just as talented.
    Kwani Open Mic was a blast babe and i am putting a post right now on it…also got rained on 😦 but it was worth the struggle.

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