diary of a screaming intern!

May 18, 2009 at 12:31 pm | Posted in life | 5 Comments

Today, i stepped in some office and proclaimed my presence after some tip off from ‘the boss’ himself.

but let me take it for from the top–coz, as am typing this, the Lady Boss has just left and there is crunk music from the corner of the room!!!!

Well, jana, as i had said in my latest post, i was to read my work at Kwani? Open Mic, Lavi. Wa! Being a last minute person, i was ready by 5 30..event was to start at 6: 30–and had no idea where mats za Lavi ziko.
Long story short, doubled as the worst day of my ‘art-Life’–getting rained while strolling the dark leafy lanes of lavington, with bitter thoughts–and peeing on an electric fence–with disgust, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

By the time my compass ticked back to reality and i found the place, i had given up and then discovered–IT HAD BEEN CANCELLED.

Lets wacha that topic for now…

So, u can imagine how i woke this morning with nothing official in a wardrobe, red eyed….headed for an interview to a place i know not–eventually discovered that its pronounced with a B while tis actually a Hindu name with a P–hmm…never mind.

My other accomplice in internship failed to show up and was calling me from the crib teasing me on how my-soon-to-be boss is all over T.V. sijui launching the Brand Kenya thingy…

It was at this time that i was welcomed with a bunch of mags–and nothing more as the workers went munching chapos and hot coffee while ‘i looked them up’ haha..

Eventually, it was miss CEO who showed up, plus daughter and i was soon called upon…and thus begun the clatter that has become my mind now. First is the look i got—the torture of choosing which Mag i’ll be working on -they’re about 8 tittles–and choosing one called ‘G’ followed by –what do you know and can you write about women? Plus i was told to generate EVERYthing plus design and i thought she was joking …but well, internet is here with us..

Pls…all ladies out there, can u suggest to me sex topics you’d like to be featured in a mag for this freshblood (the magz are so raunchy am personally scared, tsk!

Well, that part wasn’t as agonizing…especially after being settled in a work station, with hinda-net (hey!) and the working hours running from 7 – 4 pm!!!

Well, for a change in the Menu of my blog, i hereby present my endavours in the following form


…..as i get acquainted to the cold..cold..cold…place.




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  1. long time…still stuck on the boy girl…so are u GAY?? or that was just a joke

  2. Ati pissed on the electric fence, did u get shocked? he he

    Good luck with trying to fit in with the workers munching chapo and drinking tea.

  3. Anxiously awaiting the next ‘episode’! God speed in your internship.

  4. I’m thinking of a topic, soon.

  5. Sex topics for the ladies 🙂 ? I want to know everything…..everything Boyfulani!

    Ok…not the very dirty stuff, hehehehehehe!

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