habari ndo hii!

May 6, 2009 at 10:55 pm | Posted in life | 9 Comments

He was so good they tagged him thrice 🙂

Well, by now, the Usual Suspects have scrapped out all the aspects of this tagging biz-nezz and its been really exciting staring at some skeles-fresh out of the dash-board.

Out i shout some names: Supreme Green Grins, Her PrettySketchiness Lady N, dijango wa vungu aka Mboiz, 34rn3d n porned, er, pawned for life P4..PinkM-so-following mwah on thwither (am scared, lol) and all those who’ve ever heard of boyfulani…

 So mind if i go right into business?

breathe in…out!

10. Picked up a bad habit recently (friends!) and its growing on me like ivy–somebody help me to quit saying am quiting sucking on cancer sticks!

9. For ‘my queer’ interests, i sometimes find myself lonely and deeply sinking into my own world—someone recently told me that am the kind of guy who’d commit suicide and p’ple would never be surprised! Jeez!

8. I’m a joker to the extent i missed an exam yesterday. Screwed i was and i feel like hanging for the fact that the next will next be offered in January 2010! Till then, a ‘X’ hangs about my transcipt ka mshuto permanent.

7. I think she is the only girl i ever ‘loved’- high school bitter-soot heart. Never at once gave the slightest of a hint that i s-exist, LoL. ..But honestly, never think i ever felt something like that, before and after…to Date.

6. I’m just too observant for life, i think, to the extent i tell of details that leaves p’ples eye brows raised—yeak, eye for details, and de-tails too, if u know wot i’m not mean about!

5. No one has responded to this..ok, at least in the blogosphere, but once u see me, you probably gotta look twice: but am the boss of the campo paper for next one year! hmm…well, as a plus if it will make me ‘famous’, tsk tsk, win me an award, tsk…than hooray, otherwise, i look to moving on in life on other major stuff.

4. Ever been caught ‘pants-not-so-down’ in that newsroom…dayyymn! hehe.

3.On a lateral note, have not got over this yet but Kwani Trust guys called me to read ‘my work’ at the Sunday Salon Open Mic…yaani, for the little crap i muse out elsewhere (ok, boyf.blogo.is bull..hehe) and the ‘few enemies’ cumming as haters..hmmm..Ringad at first (was invited for the March one) but on the 17th of May Kengeles Lavi….woooosa—hope to overcome shyness and call a boob a boob not ‘fairly large’ pimples :-).

2. zime-kalas.

1. Dr. Sarah, of Prison Break, Lucia of Lost (lost Lost after she died) my ex, Maureen, Mwende my next door neighbor, aint no prettier girls/women/alive!

In that gene-onology i hope my wife will coooooome :D!



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  1. Number 3, nice! I wish I could come for that 1. I usually go for the Sunday salon open mic, lakini 17th siwes make.

    Keep away from the freaking cancer sticks!

  2. Don’t commit suicide yet, nice reads we get here.

    Where is the link to your Campo paper Mr. Bossman? Ama not online yet? Should be your job to elevate it to online, no?

  3. Good that you aint a football fan. Tue & Wednesday wud have driven you to the edge of 9.

    If my pocket will have the brownies I can make it on 17th.

    Am with Bomseh on. As the big mboss now, one of your hallmarks should be putting that campo paper online

    No 1, I could list so many

  4. Blog about 4…I like stories 🙂

    And qui he cancer sticks already….like seriously…(Asking nicely) 🙂

  5. Errmm..my comp is PMS-ing..

    I meant “quit the cancer sticks”

  6. Wow, editor in chief a.k.a editorial director of ur campus paper.. congrats.. am with bomseh – put the thing online pia sisi tuenjoy.

  7. Ed-eater-in chief,congrats boss,atleast all this talent aint going to waste..

  8. I love your writing.

  9. I love #1, that is s an awesome thing to say about people you know, especially your ex.

    #7 is also so awesome!!

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