Eggshells of Easter

April 13, 2009 at 8:14 am | Posted in life | 8 Comments

Around this time, bad things happen to me.
I must be a good guy.
It’s like the curse of the fifth born in series of short stories i used to read in East African Standard back in High School (i was always high, thanks to the name) where the said born would die on their thirty fifth birthday regardless of the precautions they took.
Well, i’ve learnt never to try to stop an elephant with a walking stick and just let it be – and wait to be creamed?
Last year, the same time, i was creamed into neat pulp for reasons i won’t tell.
Now, on this good Moan-day, i open my inbox and find the most heart-rending dump-tale a guy with a heart could find; but i feel nothing!



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  1. Pray tell a guy…

    Was the e-mail from Mwikali?

  2. mwahahaha!

  3. curious… u feel nothin and yet u write about it…

  4. I’m with Tandra on this one

  5. @ Tandra & Val : so writing means that i feel it?
    Recording some event for future reference?Anyone?

  6. Someone broke up with you on email?

    Even if you feel nothing, hugs.

    hugs right backtacha pinkie))))

  7. lol!!!join the club….happens around my birthday lol

  8. Yes it means you feel something.

    But whoever she is..her loss..

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