of kenyan mamas, their stunnaz and other rants

March 18, 2009 at 3:25 pm | Posted in life | 7 Comments

there is something quite amoral about women openly drooling over a guy.

a hot guy.

especially in the presence of a another guy.

but there is something authentic, about ma-boys mtaa, chilling juu ya gomba, colombo naps ama m-kane extra…drooling over a hot mamacita.

but there is something very wrong, with going ahead and harassing a mama to the point of ‘touching her ass-ets’.

Such, deserve chemical castration.

there is something very wrong, with some ladies, proclaiming ‘invincibility‘ in the matters of love, saying ‘Kenyan men are not ‘men enough to handle them…subscribing to some school ‘called intelligence, higher intelligence…like Passaris Esther on Churchill live.

Such women, bleed, and keep on bleeding and poisoning many a Kenyan woman’s mind…when all they’re doing, is hurting and hurtling on the broken hearts boulevard, taking one man’s mistaking and copy and pasting it over all men…’why should we pay for his mistakes?

And even so…have they not found any non-Kenyan man to handle your ‘super intelligence? Why are they still single??

There is something wrong, something very wrong with the way Kenyan ladies are putting on the so-called stunners not considering the simple basics…ending up looking like houseflies walking on twos. But that, that…well, that…is subject to discussion.

Even DNA…yes, DNA, no matter what ‘philosophical’  reasons’ you give…there is sure something wrong, with walking in night with SUNglasses!

NB...sunglasses, not night glasses!

Am i a moralist, no…i am not a moralist…i am neither concerned, but i thought, yes, i thought, that i would vent such out.

For now.



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  1. If a man can look..then even me I can look….Simple!

    yeah, but i meant this kind of observation especially not so good looking ladies do..it is almost obscene and ticks me off…kuangalia sio mbaya, lakini

    I also don’t understand those who wear sunglasses at night….for real..I don’t get it..

    puzzles moi too…

    Howdy BoyF..

    Am good, thank you for asking…

  2. If I were president or mayor wearing sunglasses at night would be punishable by public humiliation. Its stupid and doesn’t look cool at all.

    Kura yangu kwako ndugu!

  3. at least now i know that ugandans are not the only ones who so unseriously wear sunglasses at night, even in a club! but at least peeps have been more educated so the number of people has reduced…

    hope the stats spread to these areas

    and the whole touching a hot chick because you can is so so so wrong…

    i’m a dude (duh) but i personally feel infuriarated

  4. I will look to like if looking liking move even in sunglasses. I wonder why they do not trip walking around darkness covering their eyes.

    you echo my thoughts too,Prousette

  5. tee hee! stunnas that is spot on. compound eyes and all that.

    the masses pay for the mistakes of the few, a few careless word on impressionable minds or something suitably succinct

    what didya jest se?hehe

    . sigh.

    keep ranting!

    Here i rant again..rrrrant

  6. Sunglasses at night is simply irking! I hate it! Ati they cite identity..Identity my foot! foorish kabisa.

  7. DNA (of the banjuka fame)is the most notorious, he even appeared on National TV at night on what they want us to believe to be a live show but we all know it was done 2 days b4.

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