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March 12, 2009 at 2:22 pm | Posted in life | 4 Comments

over the weak end of the past week, i ignored ‘the mob’ scare and dared to venture into the more riskier areas of their operations.

What the heck…i said, as my mind crawled and hibernated into the darker caves of my skull, and the ‘happy-go-get-lucky punk’ took over, like in Bissau Guinea-most-foul(how dare you kill da prezzy like dat?).

Well, there before, as the typical kenyan would say…there before you fika Banana town (or Bano) just after leafy Runda, yes, exactly, South Mushatha!…i branched off and surprised a couple of family folks i have not seen in almost ten years (!!!!).

cousins, cousins-and-not-of-death, they call them and i met most, with some, over-groan ( groaning/ bitching over and about everything in life) others having flown out of their parents nest, with a couple holding stubbornly on the nest (0.00068 acres, you know the maths).

Still, most, whom i left ‘as promising eye candies’ are now soothing their kiddos with candy…chicks!

nevertheless, remember the dude of the sugarcane muhadhara? well well, Cretus Kiratus was here to welcome me, host and helped me hoist my flag in several homesteads – took me to a detour around the Mushatha area giving vital and historical facts i’d care less about (ok, so what if the lady who was felled by Tz cops last year with 14 other Kenyan guys is the sister to the murdered Oscar’s Foundation activist…?)

but i liked the mamacita’s part(part of the ‘road trip) – bwoy, aint there bay-bee beavers here?- even though the ‘fusion of the lifestyles’  wasn’t as interesting.

I mean, there is a certain characteristic of guys who live in these areas that are desperately clinging on Nairobi, crawling and crumbling away from the ‘ocha tag’…opting for ‘Surburban Nai tag…(akina Kinoo, Kabete and the like) with the only claimant that ferarri (buu flight)  ni finje (50 baab).

Their style is delicately rustic with a fair polish (or make up) of city sophistication and they speak not your kawa sheng…well it may be conventional, but it is constantly peppered with Kyuk as to call you ‘itina’/ eighty-na/ a@# without breaking a sweat.

Methinks you should just be true to your roots and be as mushatha as you can if you are…or if you are in Mushatha…like i did, as UoN students hepad with crates of loaves (before apologising, hehe). Then, i was stuck in this hell hole that reeked and barked ‘Ocha Bar! Ocha Bar!’ in every corner, complete with ‘typical 1960 shop face ( that style of ‘finishing’ the roofs of shops in ocha, you get?).

Ok, i know i sound resentful and almost snobbish…but it is much on the contrary. I actually enjoyed sitting around these holes surveying the damage KEG lager has done to vijanaz (plus other liquours with strange name as, Sony, Flying Horse-blunder hii-) and their candid expression.

” mani, huwezi nilewesha mimi, buy kenye una buy/ you can’t get me drunk unless you want to drain all your saving, buy what you can now/

and the few Jkuat heads, UoN-ians, KEMu-nions…K-Polyians…that i met were fun too…to talk to…over what else than frothing warm white caps kieg, lol?

And how could i forget what one angel, an angel by nature (not sure of the tabias yet, lol) did to my eyesight?

i had one thing to say…

‘I’ll be bananaz again!



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  1. am first! the guinea pressy dying was a shock!

  2. lol about the bananaz thingy!

  3. dude. with such a post pictures are important. but enyewe its roots a gwan.

  4. Keg joints!I will vehemently deny that I have never drank that stuff…..I think

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