flip the channel…

February 25, 2009 at 10:48 pm | Posted in life | 3 Comments

flip the channel, flip, flip the channel…
the Vice Chance-error (VC) is leaving for (yet another!) foreign trip to Korea…
dang!this guy travels more often than the Prime Minister and Presi-dead combined!

flip the channel…

another girl, is heavily pregnant on Campus. The grapevine, faster than the whisper of a chilling morning wind, is spreading…the ultimate subject of back hand convos.
chill,wait, dont flip the channel as yet. can’t you detect juicy news!
“who is the father of the baby?”
“which year is she?”
answers, answers, plentiful of answers, everyone is, and wants to be first with the news.
correct that, lies and rumors (which are half truths…?)

how many blogs does the world need, proclaims a writer in Time Newsmag…another streak of thought but, you!> flip the channel, flip, flip, flip the channel mr flix, er, felix, flip the channel…
a female MC is getting undressed..freeeeeeze the channel now, freeze the channel man!
but boyo mister boyfie has innocent eyes that sees not that which may lead to the path of sin
he is a saint now, not a pant knicker…so, unfreeze the channel…oh, his poor eyes,
unfreeze the channel!!!

“hey girl, how was the semester for you?” in the best, deep-cum-soft base his vocal chords can strangle, he edges closer…
NOW, everyone psssssssssst, there is a leakage. a leakage to this media you are reading.
this is my story now, not in the grapevine but snippets in a secret journal of bad poetry that i guard with my dear life…

….started with a hi’ and now we…and now we…..

relax, relax, ladies and the gentlest of the men, relax.

we were flipping channels in the campus TV room and i was busy ‘flipping through her feminiscape’ via the ultra-V bluetooth of pupils, naturally pre-programmed to spot a mate? no, that’s stone age, in this age, the device lights up, scans and searches for compatibles…
and boy, wasn’t she a woman in full?
the way her breasts heaved every time she took a breathe, that which i wish, i was to her – her atmosphere…that all she would breathe was me…
don’t flip the channel az yet, don’t, dont flip the channel..



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  1. lol.

    Are you on…..no flip the channel.

    Good stuff.

  2. Ndugu,you have talent …hoooold it.Flip the channel!

  3. @ Supreme…u sure want me to flip the channel?

    @Madmyke? u sure mean it? i hope u not mad, hehe..but all-together, thanks.
    lets wait for the channel to unfreeeeeeeeze….

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