churchill live, kanjii and friends

February 13, 2009 at 3:43 pm | Posted in life | 4 Comments

just when the posts have dried up and my mojo is hitting scary levels, there comes events and moments that jolt me to the moon on the spot! well, here’s a first class seat to some of them and as usual, i bring you the pictures and the actions…for they translate into a thousand words, aiight?

First, is Churchill…courtesy of this Campo Chic (a good friend of mine, like -you-would-say-Obama is-your -uncle) who hosts Talk Show (or is talk shop?ha!), like Tyra the tyrant and Oprah..called ‘True Story’.

So, keyboards roll..action!



the anctipation of the man


the arrival…


the welcome note

attentiveTough questions, all are years….uh, ears.

crowd3The crowd, the talk show, the setting.


the mirth


the awe struck: tall, dark, handsome…ooh, am i dreaming or is he the man of my dreams?


The jokes just flowed, and the crowded crowd couldn’t hold it back…though at times i think Churchill, like sex, valentine and some other things that don’t add up…is overated!

omoshEric Omosh Amused. hehe.


Dark Nights: Churchill claimed he had found his long lost brother…



Kanjii the man of the moment, up close.


HolyDave…it’s not a joke!


daddy owens, talked to ze man backstage and seeing him on the Pukse pages today makes me feel like am so on my way there!


the crowd

justamanAm just a maaaaaaaaan….the song began….and they hype rose


they danced too much and a lot of sweat on not-so-sexy places, oopsy!


and finally, the paps with Kanjii



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  1. THat, sir, is several thousand words…. though I must say I beg to differ on Valentines being overated.

  2. And I beg to differ with KK on his difference. Valentines is waaaay overrated.

  3. I wouldn’t say Churchill is overated! I happen to like him a lot, he’s one of the few guys not using sex in his humor and I love that.

    Then again…..I am old, so what do I know? I think valentines is wayyyyyy overated.

    Yeah, to some extent i think he’s all that..rising from the ashes and all( his story is inspiring btw!) and all that…but for his content, i don’t feel it thaaaat much though he makes me laugh.
    and being old is a plus!
    i guess u’ve got enough to lecture this lost generation, lol.

  4. I agree with Bomseh..Valz is illegally overrated!Thank God we are done for this year:D

    Churchill make me happy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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