how i met your ‘sister’

February 4, 2009 at 9:37 am | Posted in life | 5 Comments

a moment like this has arrived and am feeling nada. unable to write, down in the dumps, creative juices wrung dry…horizon bleak; there aint a better time to be real…look back and forth and…REFRACT.

everytime i click on blogs out there, i can’t help but feel left out. some people seem to be so real and enjoy the posting. i don’t. i put up a mask and assume a third point of view, never personal.

this was a space i thought i could unleash without care, but all that has been curtailed. don’t ask.

otherwise, i like what i do…even when someone in the office just scornfully assumes all  i do is ‘blog’ blog’ ‘blog’…they way people condescendingly refer to the facebook generation. i have nothing against them…just a sentence: mind your own….

oh! i can’t believe am that polite.

am flat.

my soul is restlessly caged in dilemmas.

how low can a man sink?

am i stressed?


just conversations in my head…real life situations that threaten to strip off ones dignity.

i wonder why things have to turn out bad when life has taken a good turn. this week, i managed to secure this partial scholarship i’ve been running after for the past i don’t know how many years…yaani it was so grueling and discouraging and when i eventually landed it…i felt NOTHING!

oreflectingk, am supposed to appreciate…but in life, they would say that’s what makes one appreciate the final prize…but me- ishaisha ladha!

on the other hand, malizaing school just got another ray of hope.

but again!

ok, let me stop whining and just keep on reflecting…

my term as a ‘juniour editor’ of out campo paper is also coming to a close! The term has been great, i’ve learnt a lot about newsroom politics as well as came out a more confident chap who knows his Ish well.  i also got a couple of achievement to boot and i guess, am suppossed to be happy about that.

after this tenure, am not sure what will pre-occupy me next. i must admit there were the good times. being stopped on the campus streets by strangers and giving you complements on an article you forgot goes a long way. at least, it tends to cover the mosquito infested nights we spend in out basement cooler beating deadlines over a hot cups of coffee. this has occupied 80 percent of my time.

i wonder where i’ll do with this pie…maybe, be an ordinary guy? be real…take time to appreciate…oh! did i tell u i got hitched too?



crazy! in the course of editing…ahem, the arrows flung and i dunno how it’s gonna be with this go getter! an achiever in her own right, aggressive on the career front…and a beauty that lingers on when she is long gone, man!

besides…i miss being an ordinary campo chap (NOT that i was any special!). Go out, be real…appreciate babes and booze…write anonymously for a porn mag, lool…start another blog, away from people who know me…and invite all you beloved readers who make this virtual life fun…some of you make me smile…others i’d love to walk a mile…

well, there is so much more to you, and me, and life, and her.

let’s watch how the cookie crumbles!

all my love!




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  1. Happy for you for finishing school..but stop whining…Let’s reflect. hehehe..All the best in your next step.

    thanks…but am not finishing as soon!

  2. dude this is sad u should take a good drink….. somethind like 5shots of cham

    just swallowed some…
    I can sees clearly now!

  3. Important question, you are not in Nairobi uni are you? Real stuff though, like the laid back style. Keep yo head up, all shit goes down, it can’t float around forever is what I always say.

    ziko niko bush!

  4. Congrats on finishing school! And how lucky you are to have found someone to sail through life with!
    All the bast man!

  5. The title of this post is very appropriate, if you get my sacarsm. I hope though you will still get into detail on how you met his sister, or is it my sister?

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