naogopa ndoa mimi :'(

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kwa nini wanaziita pingu za maisha?

why do they refer  to marriage as the ‘shackles of life?

that just gives my hackles a rise of their lifetime man! come to think of it, this thought has never occurred reference to me. them wedding invitations are for an older audience like Paroz…but not until recently when boyzfulani wa hood got hitched to a Korean (or Chinese, can’t recall..happened fast!) and flew to her home country…did this thought settle a bit more seriuosly.

i mean , i know Swahili can get a bit blunt and grim..but picture this man engulfed by the ‘bliss of love and fresh beauty’…literally floating down the aisle like he’s high on Novida…and shortly afterwards, the Man of God goes on:

” Na sasa, na wafunga pingu za maisha kama mke na mme..’

(i now pronounce you -with some irrevocable hints- man and wife for life..’)

Young man faints! Almost kuf-dead.


How did i get here?And her?

“Ah Man of God, you mean no more some some on the side? am jailed to life with a on a strict diet of one delicacy?

Truth be told, though stats maybe missing, some men do sign that cert unsure of what they are getting to – probably drunk in Karl Marx’s-like ‘opium of love, romance and dreams of satin, silk and sugar icing…

Seriously, when i think about the thorough breed of this generation, my generation, i pity them nice ladies. Some of them seem to be genetically pre-disposed and programmed to stray…any ray of light falls on a skirt translates to a fresh conquest.

they seem to possess the legendary ancestral zest of ‘fathering/furthering/ 25 plus kids and marry the sixth wife last born daughter age mate…

Commitment is the usual blot here, and most of the time, i fear that this quote is more true in more ways than one: ” Women are programmed to love fully, men are programmed to spread IT ALL around.’

Personally, beyond Boyfulani’z Veil, i wouldn’t mind my (in)signifiCunt other allowing me to share the good that i got with her ‘unfortunate single pals…as well as remain faithful to her.

otherwise the thought of how the cookie crumbles on the other side is matter of my many concerns.

25 years down the line, what will she/he be the person of your dreams or a nightmare you’ve learnt to live with? What will be the fuel to the fervor of your r/ship? Love or capsules of tolerance?

When gravity finally overcomes her youth and turgidity and whatever economists refer to as the ‘value of diminishing utility’ is at its peak…jamaa utado?

on another thought, i think in as much as signing that cert is like signing your death cert, i think marriage is a job that expires once one of you expires…you work at it daily, investing selflessly, in a two-way traffic system…til you discover, beyond any reasonable and unreasonable doubt….on your Golden jubilee, that you got yourself a idiot!

Happy marriages to y’all, trapped, in the process of…just… just share your insights and demystify this for a lost brother.

As for marriages, made in heaven, or wherever…

God Help us all.

Especially me.



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  1. Lol….the day you succumb pliz make sure to write it so that I can laugh at you…

    Kwani men don’t “diminish” as well?? haiya!!! And marriage is about more than what’s on the outside..the so called “youth and turgidity”…..

  2. Dare you not send me the invite to YOUR wedding! Oh, then I can blog about it! Hehehe . Watu kama nyinyi ndio huanguka mbaya na ma-double kwanza. Ngoja tu. Hehe

  3. Dude, you’re too negative in your approach to the m thing. Dont’ live on the hype, you can make it be the best thing ever. Just believe in what is good, work it out with the right partner.

  4. i swear ur just gone nuts but thats good for u…

    lol…i see someone who sees sense in my senselessness..finally!lol

  5. Pac says thugz get lonely too. But i at times feel like u. I dont see myself getting high on novida in a church. If i get there, may be in Las Vegas drunk n in a road side mogoka like kiosk

  6. The day you do marry ‘Wajiro’ I will be on the front pew,flashing in your face a copy of this here post.

    and all these post and all their ‘boast’ shall not be used against their proper-alligator!

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