nne zangu

January 29, 2009 at 9:21 am | Posted in life | 9 Comments

Iko wiko nini!!!

wacha ni- wa-releasie zangu kadhaa juu enyewe, m-shefulani amenimulika design siwezi lenga (thanks lakini)…

haya, twende twendete!


Books!: Kwa super, nimeachwa mara mob na comrades nikikagua books tu (the way a lady would just get smitten by shoes…) and i read them as much for as long.

I hope to write amemoir some day 😀 – nig tings naku show!

Arts: Kwanza theater (though last time nili-watch play ilikuwa nikiwa Fourth of which nusu ilikuwa mambo mbaiya-usiulize…so Miss Sibbie usichomoe simi niku-kuask tutokee 🙂

Photography and film: hope to script/direct a movie some day too.

wot else, a…


omfg!: with th ‘g’ for Goodness…ok, it’s usually said ndani ndani…like when i am afraid ma’ has ‘sikia-d’ the stench of scotch (read ghetto champagne as Savvy would say.)

Sh*t: a bad habit when i blunder…the other day, my sweater fell and it was raining, so i shouted a bit Sh*T turning to collect it only to be met by this decent looking lady who was to tell me about the same…she walked away smiling, i embarrassed.

man!: this is said when tuko mtaa and hiyo risto imeangushwa hapo, ni unbelievable ka Ripleys..man! (Bomseh..si ile ‘meni‘, old schoolfor ‘comrade’ :ati , meni he gafegi, lol.

Jo!: same as men but when a ‘chuma moto’ wafts by…base kubangaiza…


dAMAGED people are Dangerous, they know they can survive: in reference to wale wasee wametoka neti (jela) ama wame survive vitu mbaya, most become worse..if that aint the turning point for the better.

A man must try- watching dad do his thing and making it big…

Only when we face our worst fears can we say we’ve overcomed…

Kaa ngumu…lakini si kaa ngumo!

Old shit rarely stinks…hehe, we say this to bury the hatchet.


rUSSIA: Ax ZAx…there is something that just attracts me to Moscow, probably Muscovites, KGB…or just the reigning miss World.

Australia…the beaches (and another word that may rhyme widdat)

Czech, Hungary, Warsaw – for the sake of my gothic tendencies…just to see a vampire alive!



bought a male hipster, lol.

jana but one, got an iphone look alike…

Hepa-d home to school…

Started writing this…

and that’s just about it! hope the following people can make a more interesting list….wewe, 331337…his Supremacy the GREAM -n-not-the-ripper…hmm…N33m4, Ujomnoma…and the untagged: chako!



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  1. 🙂 I must ask..what the heck is a “male hipster”??? si nimecheka!!!

    “A man must try”…..now this I like..

  2. Wee man(i) niaje kunitag tu-ivo jo!

    Alafu that male hipster, wont it make u look like msee wa mabak door? Mfungua boot? hehehehe

    Art na books tuko pamoja. Ongeza paintings, pia music.

    Watched the movie Hostel? I guess that was in Czech or something. Its horrific but I would like to face such fear

  3. Arts na books, deadly combi! Throw in music, and you have me! Usi worry, simi sitachomo. So tutatokea.

  4. Ehee… nice nice… arts… great, books… I buy lots, and leave most at the bedside since finishing them requires some effort. Back to Russia… Moscow… kwanza I have a collection of those Russian movie stuff… wcomplete with those superhot chics who love guns and blackmail LOL!

    i think we should compare notes soon, lol…Russian womenskizz…are the &*%&*

    Now, male hipster ni gani sasa?

    ile inaonyeshanga ‘kila kitu’ kama za rock star..u mean hauna?lool.

  5. i love arts and books, theatre etc wow

  6. Walala!! see there was only 4 comments so i had to plead the 5th ati mens hipster…I didnt know Mr. Price sold such???

  7. I have one of those male ‘hipster looking’jeans,they are comfy lakini they make one feel ‘exposed’

  8. dude. wanted. haki!

  9. hiyo ‘meni’ naisema tu when speaking in a certain dialect. Gives me time to think of the words that follow, seeing that it is not my native speak.

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