thrOugh the tin roOf

January 19, 2009 at 12:55 pm | Posted in campuslife, he-motions, life | 3 Comments

bloggers advisory:explicit.

In the reefs of my recent memory, many Sundays ago, this thought came to remind.
A gathering of storming minds, further read the advert…or, literature news bite.

Location: Daas restaurant, Waste-lands
Event: Sunday Open Mic Salon/ Story Moja (one story)
Date: one Sunday, many Sunday ago

Participating parties were to make readings based on the book by Dayo Forster, a Gambian writer based in Nairobi. Reading the ceiling, the book is titled.
Apparently it’s about a young girl, shy of her 18th birthday, startled in the search, spoilt in choice in making the decision on who, of the 4 men in her life, would she bestow the honor of taking away this thing called…virginity.
Presentations were made and in the media, I sampled some.
But could the Mind of this son find such in the archives of his eaves-dropping collection?
Correction! Not necessarily my experience, but experience necessarily…any!
“That hOt January, the noOn after, triple summer temperatures, far-in-height, reminiscent of centigrade-s in of Belgrade…but passion burning, boiling way above the heat.
In one hit, one liner, if you so like; it was a scarlet scene…of bodies coiling and recoiling, lathered in sweat, embroiled in sin.
It was a first love so eager, she the beggar, I the eagle, keen eye on the kill, devouring with skill.
NOooooh!, she’d scream.
KnOts I’d navigate.
Then, over the gate, her cry came.
ThrOugh the tin roof, it shot…music to the untrained ear but a cOnspiratory theory highly bred to hoodwink his delicate ego and pride…
“My reputation explains my pride,
where I’ve been,
they’ve always enjoyed the ride,
but this one, oh boy,
she just faked an…

A poet, at the event, must-a-have read the ceiling for me… through the tin roof?
– the story is as told to this writer, no thanks.



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  1. I want to read that book..I should get it.

    there you go!

  2. Hey where are story moja forums held and where? I did a screen writing workshop with Dayo at the KFC she is a talented writer.

    u can check more on her and the open mic open sessions from…they are the main organizers.
    and whats a screen writing workshop?..ok am just to lazy to confirm.

  3. interesting. i thought the african writers write ‘clean’ books…

    then u havent been reading some African writers!

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