grand escape

January 16, 2009 at 12:50 pm | Posted in life | 2 Comments

A man is seated on a stool outside a mama mboga stall trying to inflate a small balloon.
A small child, is waiting, eagerly and impatiently, below him.
At home, the bulletin is on and the headlines are all disheartening.
A KRA official is caught on tape receiving a bribe.
A KPC man, MD, minister, PS…I can’t tell, I have lost track…has resigned.
Devil? Devani…a certain Devani…Triton, Trick a ton…who the hell is this?
But am sure sh. 7 billion has been embezzled.
Triton trick or treat pulled a heavenly stunt with such devilish precision courtesy of this Devani…” and the smallest market shareholders shall become the largest!”
…Now pictures of him with prominent people are cascading on the screen…do we care?
What a shame!
How many such cases go with the wind?
Maize? Mainze!…our staple food… maize in our granaries…the latest lucrative business ventures: briefcase millers…and within the briefcase are lives of 10 million Kenyans all at stake!
Dear Father…father of the oppressed, ‘the bulletin’ you may have missed, but at least, you are reading this!
Zero tolerance to corruption, this government declared.
Fight against corruption? Have they even ever started?
Ringera…he who is at the Helm of Kenya Anti-Corruption..still reigns supreme at the ‘integrity house’…earning his cool 2M per month…as integrity is trampled on the ground.
My problem?
Back to my problems!
A booming bash is held next door.
Female screams are heard all over but it is the lure of the amber bottle that keeps me restless on the sofa, seated across dad.
I can’t attend, even if he ‘gave me the warrant to arrest the restlessness’.
Cracks in the socio-economic stratum…what the HELL is that?
…the next clashes in this country will be between classes, haves and have nots!
But am a half of what I should be… which am not sure anymore….why would I fight?

Whatever sociologists clobber us, I know I am in free fall into this abyss…
I brush this aside, re-adjust my sight to the pretty news anchor, moving her lip-stuck lips…talking about Gaza rockets, the figures, no her figure I mean, the anchor’s composure…is that how you read disturbing news?
The haunting partying voices are now a distant hum in the background of my thoughts.
Equality, equity, the ideas come back.
…the ideas of Karl Marx…
the droning voice of this lecturer with the unnerving ability to suck sap, even out of the most interesting subject slips into my sub conscious.
I wonder why, I wonder how, my thoughts keep on wandering.



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  1. I feel you bro…

  2. there’s a lot of shiet happening!….thats why ur thoughts wonder\wandering.

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