Stacy’s mum

January 15, 2009 at 12:33 pm | Posted in d8ingame, he-motions, life | 6 Comments

i was scaling the stair case when a boootiful booty came into view, swinging this way, that way, this way…and i remain there, staring.
“Kijana, unataka nini?”
Jo dada, hiyo dance-o-mania mami, huna hurumaaa!
” mama kathanga yuko?” i ask miss mboch who had embarrassingly caught me gawking as she mopped the veranda…
ee, yuko…wacha nikuitie..wipes hands on her dress and goes on to swings them, this way, that way…
seconds later, mama Kathanga is on the door and oh, am taken aback. with the new year, new things seems to be more than hot up her deck…
Habari mathe, nimetumwa na mathe…plus nikichekicheki huyo mtoi wako
Aii na wewe Boyo, ingia ndani kwanza!
habari ya masomo? hee…umepotea sana!mbona siku hizi hututembelei? ama tulikufanyia nini…a chatterbox she is.
masomo nilisare mathe, na sa nishavuruga huyu dota-ko hakuna pressure ya kupitia kila sa ka kitambo!

Am doing good, ni venye shughuli zimekuwa mob…
Aiii, shughuli gani na wewe boyo, kwani umeoa?
wololo…nilioa dota-ko sometime na nikatupa, bure kabisa!
hahaha…hapana mathe…
my fears are confirmed when Stacy struts in from the kitchen holding a flask and some cookies, smiling like the sun shines from her mouth.
Sasa! Karibu chai!…smiles again, sweetly, sweet like sony sugar…
Manze na umeiva siku hizi,nimehata hizo $%$#% !
Thanks, asante, i say, smiling back as pleasantly.
I’m sipping the hot beverage slowly, crumbling several cookies thinking, as we make small talk with her mum as..and after i give her the ka-parcel, she leaves the room..apparently to do sijui wot…
Severally, miss mboch waddles by and i lift the cup to my face, making sure Stacy hanioni and swivel my eyes that way, taking a healthy glance at the blessing she carries behind, gulp it down with hot milky tea and sugary cookies, aha!
Satisfaction..Marcus Somebody pull it back to the top!
But i realize am more worried about the hole in my socks – i keep my feet screwed to the floor-  as she yaps, eager to know what wherewhohow i have been upto… kawaida tu, ku –hussle….
na kusumbuana na wasichana wajinga ka wewe…ni weeengi!
bado we huchora ma-story? with an all-knowing smile, she prods…
Haiya? did i ever give you my mushy juvenalia crap?…maaan, past mistakes!
aaa, hiyo ilikuwa tu ku pass time,ulijauaje?… damn can’t that rot in peace?
Si i still have one of those pieces you gave me..she says swinging her head this way, that way, the way she did when she…uhm, Wanted?Warn-Ted!
I lenga the vibe and muse : Huh?Kweli?…We iweke, siku ile nitakuwa famous, uta-lay claim, ama? …Sokwe wewe
You write real nice…
OH, thanks!…for the lie, sucker….so wewe?
Am still trying to model and do some design on the side for keeping me going, yeah…like she had been waiting all years to say this, she answers.
Nice, you know iyo figure yako bado yu ni mada…
*Giggles* wacha wewe…*giggle* nikujaribu tu.

Then, out the blue:
Hey! i gotta get going, i say , kuna msee ana ni chill…checking my non-existent wrist watch.
Haraka aje na wewe? (after sometime) we can hook up sometime…a pleading look on her face.
Uhm, hakuna noma…na ujue tu sina stori na wewe, ni kus$#@$  tu!

Am already on the door
Ah, Boyo…number ni ile ile? she enquires whipping out some gisty phone.
Ehe, naona bado vitu zako ni za bei kali?…zi, nilichange, 07…
Later, that night, sleep is about to embrace me when ka- phone buzzes.

A new text message. New number?
Stacy’s Mum, tis signed.

*tsk tsk..this is fiction based on that Rock song, Stacy’s mum…hope you followed!**



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  1. This is me feeling sorry for the poor girl..

    just an equal share, shaken..flowing over…

  2. ummmm happy nu year you!

  3. you love you some stacy’s mom? *dead*

    did i say that? read agian!

  4. Hehe. .interesting.


  5. Loved that video… now, how about that Mboch?

    chuma yake iko jikoni!

  6. Ati “…..smiling like the sun shines from her mouth.” Wee ni fala sana! Deadly. Deadly. Three women and you want all?

    hehe..huzijui hizo smairo?
    siwataki wote….we soma vizuri!

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