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December 10, 2008 at 9:20 am | Posted in life | 10 Comments

this is random, but it came after i googled…not Chuck Norris, as def n duh, he would find me, but rather, looking for ‘mathomo‘ and discovered that i have such a tag in my blog.

well, this reminded of this embarrassing moment i had in praima. fresh out ‘ocha’ i enrolled into this (up market) private school where they spoke another foreign language called Kithongo. Mathafu was maths  and ‘gutaraniria‘ was what they called ‘addition’…they sung of three ngreen bottles and other thing i was not apprehensive to.  life was kinda difficult at first, quite difficult for me  but thanks heavens i am/was laid back and i say less (disguised and compressed shrubs INside,lol, then that is!)

i was in class six and every other kid ‘ongead’ this kiswanglish lingo. yaani the kids, still discovering, would run to the ‘ticha’ and say something like...” ticha ticha, this one is say, that he is katia Kate and me i tell him, bad manners…”

so, it happened that after lunch, there was this kettle that would circulate after lunch and this cook, Mama Mwangi, sent me over to fetch it. I was excited at the ‘priviledge’ of the errand  and i went panting to class six B. I found this chick serving water to her friends. There were a few other guys in class and a panting me went like…

” you! you! you’ve to-od (told) by the cook….” /wewe wewe, D.Translation

i posed kidogo, cook? ai, cook? waited for laughter, i was unsure…then decided, i should try another…they were all looking at me now, listening and i went i on…

“you’ve been told by the cookery….”

I never finished the statement as the wild laughter filled the classroom.

usitake jus venye esteem ili-fly nje ya window.

well, i had just given them a ‘new word’ for the mama mwangi’s kindred that haunted me till i did my KCPE…



cop-y fashion was roving...

cop-y fashion was roving...

and then i discovered they were models, height and all

and roved in search of models...note the h8

fashion cop was roving

and i called out for her number, lol! i just think the mohawk is cool with a bold 6^ft+ model, with a great mwanya...



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  1. by the way, have you noticed the way am making the page snow, lol. it’s in anticipation of a white christmas.
    i’ll be at Nyahez (Nyahururururururu) 😀

  2. same storo for me in primo only I was in standard 4 and the kids in the school weren’t all that thomed either – i coped well save for some minor bullying.

    ati snow in Nyahururu?? I thought it was a hoax.

  3. Na tulikuwa wengi shule za ajabu. At least we all got to learn something, no?

  4. Lol ati cookery! I was in a ghetto school. . .it was sheng’ all the way! The culture shock was when I went to high school. Imagine me from the ghetto trying to vybe with someone from huko up market schools like Makini. It was a challenge. Waa!

  5. Cookery?? woishee pole…but it seriously made me smile 🙂

    I also thought the snow in Nyahururu was a rumour….

    Liking the header pic…shots!!

  6. too funny!
    i love that mohawk, it’s banging…now that’s what i call variety, not every chic has to go around rockin 110lbs of extensions.

  7. hehehe thats some crazy story kwaani u went to mbooni primary school….lol

    lol, on the contrary, mebe i was the one from mbooni, lol!

  8. from ocha to nai class 5, first sheng word i ever heard was of ‘ugali imedunda..’ after lunch at my uncle’s and I have never laughed my head off lyk dat.. u see, I waz from Luyaland str8 and with lunje Swa sanifu.. could just imagine af an ugali bouncing like a ball..

  9. and up there with ‘rocksta’ nywele, that’s Lupiter Ny’ong’o, daughter of the politician and quite an achiever herself..

    really? had no idea who she be!

  10. There was this guy when we were monoz, he had a swakiuk. So we gossiping n chekaing at his accent n he suddenly showz up. Sudenly there is a hush n he goes like ‘nimesikia kiree woooothe mumeuga’ DAMN AM ON phone cant see those pix clear. Let me get to a machine

    lmao-est..your guy was more mu-deadly than nie, hahaha ati mumeuga, lol.

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