G-pange dis-concert

December 8, 2008 at 4:11 pm | Posted in life | 6 Comments

well, i happened to be there and i waved at the T.V, to y’all watching, how many saw me???

lol. well, i was doing some marketing for this product called education and going by the scenes, people need this commodity in copous amounts!and oh, yes, mi ni msee wa ghetto na nilisurvive the ma-stampedes, chaos, muggings and came out of the concert with some few ‘cowed’ shots on a Sony Wblah blah 8.1 MegaPixels…have a look!

the disparity,vip seats

the disparity,vip seats and ile ingine ya wana nzi..lol. but they later poured over! can't take the ghetto out of..?

uhm, the jeans...

uhm, the jeans...

security security!

security security!


koi of homeboyz, with me, yes, inside the bottomless coke


pple from all walks, runs and heights of life ji pangad


dem ghetto babes..,


i predicted right and Zuqka is wot we have...in your friday nation, review coming soon?


ni Eastlands...eastlands...ukipata manzi ni vajo, u so so so lucky- Walanguzi


and its bob marley, can u spot the oddity innit?

toa fujo uone!

toa fujo uone!

dsc00892the organizers, let them tell us what they did with 20 mili $$$! went

Well, i miraculously came out of the event without knowing exactly what the Jipanga event was…but i was surely somebody’s bank is bursting at their vaults!

Hey registrar, am changing my major to community development especially social awareness programmes…



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  1. Nice pics!

    thanks, am adding more soon

  2. and u waz lookin for scams mo than ‘Jipangaing Info’ ? Nowanda u never got a thingy!

    seriously, there wasn’t that much to define what their cause was – political (Mungatana was on stage) or they were launching a social awareness movement.

  3. Seems you had fun clicking away, huh?

    but of course the lens is my…expression?

  4. Great pics… I imagine the two gents in pic # 2 are twins…. at least the shoes and pose suggest they are.
    That Koi is a good looker n it looks like she was drinking your vybe:)
    Those ghetto babes are from Easich?
    I am sure I know that cop. Are they supposed to hold the rifle like that? I can just see it going off accidentally.

    thanks, for the pics, i was lucky to be holding it the other way, lol whatevre that means…Koi, man that babe, has changed, for the better, who said money can’t buy happiness and glee?
    those babes were from all over…from eastlando to kibich to huruma, name ’em…but they were sure ghetto (ok most!)
    the cops, man, dint looked at the guns in that perspective…KK, were you in NYS? lol

  5. Nice pics – u can make a good photojounalist btw. i was watchin the event on NTV and have no clue wot it was all about…i think its like “vijana tugutuke”, i.e start by being a social movement then start being political and tellin guys “ni time yetu”. The problem with this youth movements is lack of many things like vision and mission. if they turn it purely political it will surely flop just like tugutuke did.

  6. Niaje boy thaks for the nice job.I think the whole event was political,anyway we had time to party.Please compare Mr.Vegas to Juacali,TMK OR PROFF J.For the 20m i think they have joined LILY WAYNE FOR A MILLE.Keep it up ghetto for G.

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