what if am a blogging gangsta?

December 2, 2008 at 10:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments
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the last graphic in the ascent of man illustration shows him standing upright. but here i is, hunched on a 17″ school iMac, frozen in time, defying several calls of nature, with hunger being the most persistent…

but its my favorite past time, you know, earns me a dime not, but besides my mshe-fulani’s ‘leather so soft’ the next best thing for my walking fingers are the amorous caress they give the keyboard and more so, the tune that dances across the screen to you, at times confusing but with a mystic meaning to me.

the fingers, sometimes pounding hard, sometimes gentle strokes, that if we were to take the ‘QWERTY’ keyboard for the sheng version of its corruption, it would read ‘NGWATI’.

yep, thats catching strokes, in sheng’speare, especially the heated random ones, forgive my grossness.

my friends, all so close to me, are miles away from knowing who i really am…

” oh, child, stop the torture!” they get concerned at times.

for sake of the sake’s sake, i have to tell her that she is the first thing i think about when i wake up, but, oh, what a blatant lie!

soon, the source of all my troubles, will not be my ‘creditors’ turned ‘predators as Shake-da-speare would say – but rather, the dose of literature, on screen and between the sheets that am pumping into my system.

God forgive you if you think its course work.

Course books are a major turn off to me, but i read them anyway.

sad and happy thing, like agony and excstasy is that am not giving it up soon…even as i run, write and comment on anonymous blogs, where am allowed to be me, such a free spirited soul tethered to the universe by a string of decency and a reluctant other, of formality.

even as i take a break from this reading random shit, i still value the mini-storms that i raise incognito, dishing bouquets and a healthy doses of barbs…though, this blog is not evidence of course-

but could logic be….that….the ‘cliteral ecstasy’ i derive from the way thoughts, maiden and provoked, they crawl from their dark dens into my veins through to expectant bony fingers that strike this key-board oh so softly and the lovely tune wafts off the screen, holding you captive, as i rob off, all your comments.



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  1. c u shuldav tagged SmittaSmitten 4using hiz idea for heading ama? Iz thea anythng lyk blog bug ju am tryn 2publish smthng na siioni kwa page… vipi man?

  2. there is something about the way you write. brings me back here over and over again.

  3. Hmmmm…. Is this the new way of writing prose? Just checking!

  4. Between u and 3..I’m left wondering what lit classes in high school I missed (you are talking english right??)

    Now this got me—->”she is the first thing i think about when i wake up,” I actually wrote about this once..and how happy it makes me…

    Then you go and spoil it with this——->” but, oh, what a blatant lie! 😦

  5. I would not have thought of QWERTY in a million years. LOL You crazy. But somehow I can trace who inspires you. Unfortunately we stand on the opposites. Me on Clay’s you on Amacho ( read it other way round) Still like it anyway.

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