incuriousness inhibited

December 1, 2008 at 10:09 am | Posted in life, randommoments | 4 Comments

this is just another post towards making me feel better, and probably not as much justice to your expectant reading ‘glands’…can’t whet them now!

yaani, i have a lot to write and say but something won’t let me.

so, i just slump back to this position i always are, my tiny little eye watching as i re-blog this blog post i bumped onto this morning, about writing.

My blasphemies are many and varied, but never accuse me of being incurious. Not only will I squint over shoulders and through cupped hands, tweak things so I can read them better and discreetly eavesdrop, but I will also wonder where keys go, ponder where stairs and doors lead, and otherwise boggle my mind with these fanciful flights of imagination that have me gnawing at the edges of random possibility.

This is what you get when you declare yourself a writer and drink lots and lots of milky tea.

anyways, i wish you all a nice week.




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  1. why is it that i feel the phrase ‘ i always are’ sounds to me ‘the way i are’…lol

  2. Lol. Have a great week too.

    you too, sibbie 🙂

  3. instead have lots of milky coffee with some chocolate added… delish

    have a fabulous week

  4. do have a fabulous week. the more you read about better blogging the less of this better blogging will you do.

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