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November 27, 2008 at 3:46 pm | Posted in life | 3 Comments
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several weeks ago, a former editor of our campus paper paid us a visit and talked for long about media convergence. it was during that period when pirates were punting from puntland somalia, in search of Navyships to hijack and all journalist were headed to  coast-oe ‘for exclusive’ new bites.

his lament was that investigative journalism was in clutches and he was quite unimpressed by how gunship and armoury stuff was being transported to South Sudan for a whole six months before the international media broke the news to us, Kenyan journalists included.

well, that wasn’t my concern as such…with this Nation journalist who has had several headline  stories in Daily Nation this week.

my concern was the seemingly sleeping showbiz department in Nation. where were the once roving and exciting showbiz reporters that added that extra sting to buzz every Sunday? Did buzz get buried with the new Nation look sometimes in ’07 ? (Before that, i believe its design was quite superb and with many interesting columns – galtalk with cleo, about n about by Adhys Odera, Philip Mwaniki’s heat, School Stalker, Boy Talk…real entertaining content.Honestly, CEO of pulse in a funny but realistic jab at the magazine wasn’t quite wrong when he suggested that soon, some wanna-be mags will soon be flyers! Buzz has been slimming since and its almost an insignificant pull out in Sunday Nation…considering that it was/is the leading showbiz mag (in NMG’s publications, forget D. Metro)  that would challenge Pulse Magazine, now, arguably the leading rag in gossip showbiz.

well, the news that they will soon launch a new magazine this friday comes as a fresh breathe to me. i hope they won’t disappoint. I am not sure whether Clay M. who i think will burn himself in his own rage one day,  is taking a bow and whose cynisim can’t really auger well in an otherwisely happy-go-lucky showbiz (and considering his numerous jabs at the so-called Nairobi entertainment writers).

we’ll wait and see, and i shall be the first to review it!




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  1. Dont tell me you subscribe to the ‘fnck Clay coalition’ I dont miss any of his writings. I like the way he tears into the so called entertainment & fashion writers. I will expect you to overhaul the current weak writes when you get there. Be the kind that will leave Clay M nodding.

    I feel you on Buzz getting weak by the days. Howeve this does not make Pulse any hotter. Like todays article on musicians using witchcraft, I see it as a baseless and poorly written with no hard proof. Just a story to get mouths wagging. I also hate the way they publish mails from groupies telling them how well they are doing while thats not the case.

  2. did it launch? what is it called? can i call it up on the web. yes, 21 qs. hehehe

  3. @ the intelligent one, yep it did…i can send you a review right away!

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