have not?i have! (tagg’d)

November 24, 2008 at 10:00 am | Posted in life | 7 Comments

on cue from one miss Nzembi am happy to present to you my list of ‘nimewahi ama sijawahi’s.

so here we go:

i have…

4……….just lost her. she passed away on monday, on my arms, she breathed her last. i have never been so sad.burial was on thursday and in attendance were few friends and family.my poor phone!

3………just overcomed the fear of water that is more than the kawa maji ya karai . these days am amphibious..:)

2……..ever writen Xfiles on my X for my friends – & it got applause all the way to Strath and i felt like i had won a Pulitzer.Ok. was yound and foolish but felt better?

1……had like 11 blind dates! now call me a serial-whatever but am a just an adventurous netizen! 3 of them, met them at once, the rest, in bits. two bloggers (female)…yes.ati? what became of them? well, i can put it like steadman, one out eleven! (*evil grin*)…kidding, lakini. will do an honest post onnit someday.



0…….a thing for less read, review works (of underdogs, blah).recently read about one Brian who was a wordsmith and flawed genius who like fanned Mohamed Amin (the great photojournalists’s career). You can catch excerpts on Kwani?04, The life of Brian

BONUS…….I have a thing for Arungah’s legs (right)

ok, of course am kidding. Celebs fascinates me not, but t’was a cue i was dropping for a blog i plan to publicize soon full of my little photography adventures of campo events, peeps…come on, even the crappy campus vibe has plagiarized my work :). have since learnt that they have redirected their site to haiya.co.ke, otherwise evidence iko.

and now:

i have not…..

4…..never been arrested or spent a night/day in a police cell. hope it never happens in my life time.

3….not been in a ‘steady’/ seriuos relationship since ’06 and beginning of ’07.plenty of jump offs though…ama you think there’s something wrong?

2….an idea what to say next

0….ND FINALLY i would like to kindly tag the following: ELEET (no fights hehe), Val, 3N, KK, Supreme…and all bloggers who read this.



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  1. Thank you for providing me with a new wallpaper! Boss, those legs!!!!! In case you’re not in the know, there’s a Facebook group called “Esther Arunga is a goddess!!” Search for it.

  2. @mwanamishale. – am planning to be a regular contributor in that groups now that i have a whole album on her..somebody droooooool 🙂

  3. Sup those legs are fiiiiine though I dont subscribe to the legion of her fans or any other TV personality. Keep away from trouble. Been in shackles though never spent a night or an hour inside. Another thing. The oldself is back. http://www.dfaceii.wordpress.com strictly hip hop and thanx for your encouragement.

    i promise to be a good boy, i promise, dear help me…hehe…

  4. This Arunga godess you all speak of…what is her claim to fame other than those heavenly legs leading up to the highs of thighs?

    well, those highs of her thighs and the fantansy of exploring them is probably the enigma that surrounds her….and has obsessed her admirers.

  5. Arunga… oooooooh. KTN should use her image in an ad. ‘Who cares about stocks? Arunga… the only reason to watch business news’.

    hehe, that would be capitalizing too much on her…though she is already attracting enough of the masses (read men) don’t you think?

  6. It always amuses me at how dudes drool at Amunga!:D

  7. violence shall be meted out upon your person.

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