a ‘mourning’ unlike this

October 31, 2008 at 5:31 pm | Posted in d8ingame, he-motions, life, msheflani | 9 Comments

she prepares a great meal before me

the aroma leads me into sin

for whomever smells sausages and hot coffee in the morning,

hath already committed breakfast with it in their heart

….the thought sends smile to my lips and when i come to, she is standing before me armed with a monalisa one.

i turn my goggy body over and she bends down low to whisper: Wake up sleepyhead!

oh, the dimples and her jasmine shampoo, the sated look in her eyes confirm to me one thing: jana nilihesabika!

i mean, the whole ‘standard‘ 42 miles?


the alarm knocks me back to reality and my eyelides riot at my attempt to open them. my stomach is grumbling like a concrete crusher – oh, jana i swallowed a quick meal of pornographic chick-hen and deep fried viazis. this morning, i have to bear with ‘carried forwards’ of the same, cold, cold for my microwave is on leave…

wait, where are my legs, i think as i turn, uhm, wots up with this mound on my duvet? it takes several seconds for it to register.

i cant help but chuckle at my version of American Pie. or is Kenyan Campus  Pie?

oh, that mound?

he he he ..hehe hehe.

never mind, it’s the priviledge of the smallest of infants.

an early morning one?

i am not an early riser though, and it’s with the greatest efforts that i rummage my sleep savaged self towards the freezer, the only functioning  electronic ‘cookery’ – the Wa-jiko ‘farted’ its last gas juzi.

the feverish greenish digits of the bedside clock scowl at me: 08:17h, as i open the (micro) freezer…taking a little glance at my boxer.

it’s now a y-front.

a sudden yawn catches up with my jaws and as i inevitably stretch, the free hand reaches inside.


S.A.V.A.G.E!:my thought are conscious of the unconscious ‘s-kwara-bbing’.

A strong he-motion in me sends tendrils of sleep parking and i so wish for a morning unlike this.



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  1. I’m stuck on the ‘kwarakwara’. All dudes do that?

    i know its an annoying habit, but personally, i dont 😉
    i’ve seen or know, or think there are many a jamaa who do it unconsciously- BAD habit…but in the morning, some of these sins and scenes should be forgiven don’t you think?

  2. Lol. Eiuw! Am wondering the same thing as PinkM.

    i mean, its a scratch like any other, whats wierd?

  3. that is just not right… or is that normal?

    am waiting to hear from another dude, i dont think tis right, but its normal!

  4. Funny thing, dudes do that in the morning. Almost as natural as breathing. I’m thinking if it’s in private, it can be condoned,as long as he heads for the showers next but still veeery weird.

  5. forgive my trespass. kwara what? i might wake up a little turgid, what does that have to do with a freezer?

    azin..to relieve the turgidity easily?

  6. Not weird..just strange I guess…

  7. this ‘kwarakwara’ business is normal – it happens subconsciously to me before i sleep and the first thing i remove my clothes to shower in the morning.

  8. I dont get the kwarakwara part, where is this scratching?

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