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September 17, 2008 at 9:28 am | Posted in he-motions, msheflani, randommoments | 3 Comments

listening to the Apologize riddim featuring Nelly Furtado, Munga, The Vibes Cartel, Mavado*my fave* and one republik, i must add that its a dope riddim for those who know what i mean.
with it, i am swallowing thoughts that ought to leave me wallowing in some dark lonely alley.
but i refuse!
i refuse to be put down by other people who mean no good, i refuse to be branded something i aint.
i know i may have messed big time but i refuse to feel guilty since i never did it alone.
the issue of two lovers/haters should be left alone as no one can ever understand them and when one of them jifanyas a mbuzi- achinjwe!
again, this is boyfulani, a happy go lucky chap who leaves his sorrows here and celebrates through out his blogging career. in fact, am thinking of striking it super rich on the blogosphere, blow it up on one weekend and blog about it on monday- any accomplices?
while at it, i have transfered the battles of my life, sorrows, shame, bitterness and the general kawa sh!t here. dont click, if you dont thrive on sideness to give you a high.
right now, am typing into minutes to class time. as i was commuting to school today, the condi spared me and i feel like a rich ass nigga. i can beat somebody up, pay their bill as well as the victim.
am a joker, but a brilliant one at that- or so i tell myself. i attended this class for the 1st time this sem and i encountered one of those lecturers i like. i have never met one but i know they exist.
the ooze stories that are intermeshed with the course theme and you never know how the three hours breeze by- if you are fast enough to gitch their flow.
this particular one is grim reaper. all her stories have a sad theme- funerals, broken and shattered lives, broken skulls, failure and the little streak of light that changes lives, otherwise known as Jesus.
she is sixte something and like Mark Twain said- i have known many troubles in my life and most of them never happened. i think the troubles she has known, the have happened.
meanwhile, i got that editorial job you dont know about after all this journalism.
on the other hand, there is this new chic in the bus i noticed- am avoiding the term fresher. actually, they’re a couple of them but this particular one crossed my sight path. she aint all that, must be from ndizi land shorter than i and would look perfectly in place wrapped in these arms- ha. her sura/visage aint worth a symphony but da la la la, she is the perfect company when the sun retires. i mean, the wezere..*whistle*
so, i ‘accidentally’ talked to her jana. i hope none of the mboiz in the bus noticed- am a staunch crusader of the message- dnt sht whr ya it!
hmmm, dint like her attitude and furthermore, did they say there was a missing link to the monkey-man evolution?
not lil wayne, but, that mdomo.
case closed, hand the schooling class hero another file.



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  1. Wa wa wa! How can you hate on a mama like that? hehehe Editorial job? Nice! 🙂

  2. kamata dem

  3. Just coz she had bad att doens’t mean you hate on her, I come from ndizi land too….

    But I know about sixte-something old lecturers..and typing in class. That is what am doing right now..

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