already moved out!

September 17, 2008 at 6:34 pm | Posted in life | 8 Comments
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i have read a coupla of articles this week relating to moving out of my paroz digs, the latest one being Maiko’s ‘moving on…and peeeeeeeps, nothing consoles as much.

first, a lot of things are so true in my latest predicament. see, if a sufuria has to make any noise, i am the one on the decks and i am fully aware of the iritating noise. the remote is all mine and no changing the station because the Dances on 360 are getting rauchier. i gather KTN have another proggie on the list, but nevertheless, i will not wish for the seat to swallow me up once a steamy scene is aired.

i guess, the nice things end there..well, not quite. i wont have to give an excuse for a night out as to watch ‘man u -chelsea final..naaaaaaah, even if i used to watch this every weekend tsk tsk. oh, and my new queen bee can sting me for a whole w/end without my pal feeling i’ve over stayed at his.

*evil laugh and inna Trina like stance- she of the queen of miami fame: the castle is miiiiiiiiiiine. or as the quote goes, an Englishman is the king of his castle, calls the shot, i love it.

now, it doesnt take days for the raw truth to un-peel.but we all have to ‘start somwhere’ right? manze am this one-man guitar, and not the wanted thug. one matress, one stove one plate spoon, one…why did i leave in such as haste as to do all the shopping and forget to buy a matchbox?

the budget is nothing to talk of either since the finance minister and not Kimunya makes sure that if i opt for hotel food, i can as well fast the next day.

how unfair…but like madmyke, kila weekend i’ll be knocking on the master’s door in the pretence of ‘visiting them’ palms fully stretched!

altogether, i have moved close to campo and i ought not to change my major. Jesus, be my mentor and incase things gets worse:mohammed, budha, jesus, i love you all!



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  1. all the best with the new casa. have fun with it. queen bee?

  2. Enjoy the new freedom!

  3. Finally! once ur out u cant go back in there,,,,but lets look at the positive, atleast u can walk nekid in the crib!

  4. That’s awesome! Am totally envious.

  5. your own place! Sweet….

  6. For me, I aint moving out anytime soon. Si I thought you set up a bank account into which your parents deposit cash?

    Good luck with your new crib. Now I can visit you…

  7. Welkam to the club. Moved like 5 years 6 months ago and freedom taught me how not to abuse freedom.

  8. Welkam to the club. Moved like 5 years 6 months ago and freedom taught me how not to abuse freedom. All the best and enjoy it

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