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September 2, 2008 at 11:26 am | Posted in life | 5 Comments
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my one week hol in Key-leafy is finally over. it was much fun, adventure and i have a lot in my gunny bag to share, but not as yet.

so yesterday was the world’s blog day? you celebrated,  i was snoring on long and winding msa road thinking about nothing in particular. i just dropped at Kirima’s and got to know about it.

which has me thinking about my blogging ish. it’s good to reflect right? as for me, i prefer refracting. if i ever got my physics right, reflection just ‘shows’ the same thing while refraction involves total change of direction.  

i have been blogging for while, a year and a half to be precise. and i have had my moments i must say. starting wasn’t that easy as i was some obscure dude trying to curve my small niche in the really intimidating blogging scene(kbw).it was this close knit community that seemed to shield any new entrants, but the shell has since been shed. then, i wondered how i’d ever get more than two comments from anyone i never knew and was always awed by hits on some blogs i visited.

it’s spidey  who inspired me. he has always been my hero.almost met him- especially this fwain cuzo of his that he promised intro, but anyway….i was so taken by his blogging that i would print out many of his previous posts and read them out later. ask old guards in kbw, spidey was really cool. fame took toll on him he tol’ me he had to ‘retire’. just like modo, who gave me psyke to blog on anything. all this time, i had my highs and lows, met several bloggers(and one brown god-s i’ll never forget)…and yes, thought i was making it and somewhere along the way, i lost it.

i think i did. i contemplated deleting this blog, but it was so much part of me. it has always been and just when am feeling down, it gets me that uplift that i deserve. for every post, there is this comment i always look out for. at times, it never comes and my heart flutters. there is nothing as worse as being missunderstood, especially if you are a communicator- or a communication student, right? i also tend to think that i wrote better when no one was reading me!

looking back, it has been a wild and fun ride and though am not giving it up yet—dont give up your blog!—i would like to be more clear on my subjects have some little credence than your-run-of-the-mill blogger and yes, enjoy it all at the same time. i know credence is built over time but amn’t i over time?

i am planning on putting up some other blog for me passionate interests and wars. i hope this will rekindle the fire in the 37+ drafts lying in me dashboard and other ‘untitled master-pieces.

tell me what you think about it, blogrens, you really are that important cog that keeps boyfulani’s fingers pounding on the keyboard.oh, and i’d wish you all a happy belated blog day, keep the asipidistra fly flying!




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  1. hAPPY belated blog day!!!

    Keep writing, whereever, watever

    here i go

  2. oh thank you, and by all means keep them posts flowing!

    like nyahururu-rians, al try to make them snow even

  3. We may not comment all the time…but trust me…we do read. Although sometimes I may need a younger dictionary to catch up with you but at the end..I do get the point.

    Keep writing

    i like the first part of your comment.the feelings are there sometimes…that no one is reading and i write to be read!anyway, thanks for the kinds words.

  4. Sup boy, its been a while since we ‘met’ in our base! havent been there 4 sometime, mob commitments. I see we share a thing on the unpublished. I am looking forward to good reads. Happy blogging

    men av also like lost psyke on those sides.on the unpublished, comment.the good reads will be there hopefully.

  5. Keep this blog because it is really interesting,randomness and all.While still at it w hile not start another bog for the stuff you are really passionate about.

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