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August 22, 2008 at 10:48 am | Posted in life | 3 Comments
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today, i attended my first class irregardless of the constant conviction to skive it. but after close conferencing and numerouos consultation with my soul, i seduced me to sit throught the cold and bored wooden chair.

“press here for a keg’, read an inscription on it. couldn’t help fantasizing…even though am a tree-top-taller (when am high?)

coincidentally, the class is about persuasion and all along my mind was wandering on the variuos applications of the theories imparted.
meanwhile, my mind is a bit jumpy and jiggy. jana i got this call from ‘camp kennedy’ and i didn’t hesitate to take on the offer on the line. come on am not a chick and this aint a marriage proposal, right? surely, i wouldn’t feel sweet for this, coz, a week isn;t even over since i was at C.K. and this camp lag and laxity is still hovering over me like a horny incubus- ama what do they call those ghosts that rape men?
i was saying….i am yet to adapt the kawa programme and the thought of another escape is exxxicting.
i mean:

i love travelling, i love being away from home, away from my family, from people who know me and yes…just being me.

i believe home is where you have to go when you have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do, and when you HAVE TO, they HAVE to take you in, ama?
Apparently, this Org. has high afinity for young peeps with talent, are ambitious and of course, kinda needy¿ i prefer to think the r/shit is symbiotic coz i stand to gain in as much as they do.,
so am headed for Ke-leafy like that from Sunday for some ‘photography’ workshop…and till then, i’ll keep my toes crossed.

as for classes, the pretty new freshers, my indispensable blog readers, till next week after this one*.
keep well, i’ll be back…coz honestly, nothing does it for me that having fun and escape while pursuing my passion.
cheers, kilifi, here i come.



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  1. I envy you. Have madd fun! 🙂

  2. what exactly is this camp kennedy that you have been raving about?

  3. Can I come to camp Kennedy too? Am young, ambitious and needy 🙂

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